The lady whose house is on my back boundary poisoned my cats in MY yard because when they are in my yard the neighbour's dogs beside me bark. This lady who poisoned the cats had a go at me when I moved in for asking the neighbours to control their dogs. (of course this incited the dog owners to make sure the dogs barked every time I used my yard). She is best friends with them. She had been hosing my cats as well so they would run inside rather then sit in my yard. She lured them to her side (I had trained them not to go over and they were always happy to sit in my yard) and she threw food over and put food on the fence. Charlie became obsessed with running up and down the top of the fence looking for food on her side. Matilda would run up to the fence at night, bang at the door to go out, then run to the back and sit watching the top of the fence waiting for her to throw the bait.
The neighbours with the dogs also put baited food in the yard. ( has onion powder and it's very bad for cats and dogs).
OUTCOME: Raphael and Charlie were unable to eat for 4 days, I had to syringe feed and I wasn't aware they had been poisoned. Charlie appears to have recovered ok but he is not how he used to be. Raphael is not getting enough oxygen...his gums and nose and paws go white. I thought he was anemic but the vet said likely lack of oxygen. His heart sounded fine. He has a little colour return. He is less active than usual and I worry he won't fully recover. His eyes have not returned to their usual colour. I still need to get his urine tested.
The poisoning has been happening for a while as I've noticed Raphael's skin looked bluish at times. And his eyes were going dark grey rather than amber...he hasn't looked well for a while. And Charlie's gum hasn't been healing we think because the poisoning has been happening for a while and they've increased their efforts last week. Charlie and Raphael have lost weight.
Mercedes got out 2 days ago, and yesterday she was vomiting, couldn't keep her food down.
I'm trying to build enclosures...I take one day at a time. I'm doing well though and I'm actually getting better. I turned a corner in my health a month ago. It's coming hotter here and the house is an oven. I don't have air con and I'm trying to get areas enclosed for them to be outside.
Raphael has learnt to walk on a lead...the others are not impressed! thanks everyone for your visits, your kind words and your care. I will visit when I can.