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  • Black and White

    - 6 years ago
    In October of 2014, I was asked to participate in the "Five Day Black and White Challenge" on Facebook. I set my Ricoh GR to shoot black and white and shot with it frequently during the "project". When it was over, I left the GR in black and white mode and I've been shooting with it quite a bit. It's nice to get back to shooting black and white and I'm reasonably pleased with the way the photos look. I've created a new album "A Little Black and White" for these photos.

  • Return of the Zuiko

    - May  9, 2015
    Okay, the break was a lot longer than I expected, but I have a nice backlog of photos and a few new cameras to work with. Hopefully, I'm back to posting new work frequently and, even better, looking at new work frequently.

  • Taking A Break

    - October 22, 2014
    Given my paucity of shooting last Winter, I'm taking a bit of time off from posting work here. I am still shooting daily or at least almost daily. I'm trying to accumulate some photos to go through during the cold, dark and possibly damp months of December, January and February. I figure another few weeks should get me far enough ahead that I won't run out of photo stuff to do over the Winter. See you soon.

  • Cushman Factory, 1913-2014

    - April 22, 2014
    I'm trying to take photographs of the Cushman factory in Lincoln, Nebraska as it is slowy demolished. I believe the demolition is supposed to take seven months and I plan on shooting there several times a week until the process is completed. Cushman was a big part of Lincoln's economy and, at one time, employed 900 people. I'm trying to document the destruction of this facility and, I hope, make a few good photographs in the process. There is, and will continue to be, a lot of repetition…

  • It's Been a Long, Cold Lonely Winter (with Respect to George Harrison)

    - April  4, 2014
    Getting back to photography after a cold, nasty Winter when it was hard to take photographs and hard to look at them because it reminded me that I couldn't go out and shoot without freezing.

  • Works in Progress

    - June 18, 2013 - 2 comments
    The photos I post on ipernity are works in progress and not finished. I often post two or more very similar photographs so that I can look at them side by side to see which one I prefer. These are more like proof sheets or work prints than finished "exhibition" prints. At some point, if I get ambitious, I'll post my choices to an album of "selected" photographs.