Check at bottom for updates!!!.

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having an awesome summer!! MIne has been very busy and interesting to say the least.

I am needing a vacation...big time!!!! Keeping fingers crossed for a nice one next year. Time for a mini vacation. You get to come along with me any time you wish. I like to kick back to some cool music and relax. Also to kick up my feet and hit the dance floor.

Here is a list of some very COOOL music as well as some very pretty music. I know you will enjoy it. All are by D'j Brujo. So come dance with me any time you wish. Or sit and relax with me any time you wish. Say Ipernity...where is the smiley with the nice cool drink?

Check back often for updates!!!! I will be adding more awesome sessions by D'j Brujo!!

Some things to help your summer along.... your weekend and work week too!!!!! Enjoy!!!! Hummm now... how to work and type...while the body wants to dance.... GOT IT!!!!! Time to turn on my voice detection!!!!!! to love it!!!! ENJOY!!!!

Kalena Reyna


My music embedding from other sites is not working on blogs. Here are the links. Enjoy and check back often for updates!!

Lyrics On My Mind Gold

Lyrics On My Mind 2011

Tu Recuerdo

Lyrics On My Mind Vol IV: Smack Your Brain (2 Of 2)



More for you to enjoy!!

D'j Brujo Pres. Chill My Life 2011 - Sensual Lounge (The Intimate Summer Terraze Set)

Lyrics On My Mind Vol IV: Smack Your Brain (1/2)

Aaaaahhh Weekend!! New one from Brujo and is awesome session!! Listening to it now. Listen with me and EnjoY!!">Lyrics On My Mind 2011 Chapter II (Live@BarBienetar - 29.10.2011)

More of my favorites by D'j Brujo. Awesome ones!! Enjoy!!

Lyrics On My Mind 2009~ Deeper On My Mind


Another cool session!! Enjoy!!

Brujo's Leaving Party @ Heaven's 9-01-2012

FRESH OFF THE DECKS !! New one from Brujo Dj!!! Remember... watch my toes... I like to dance bare foot!! Check out this link and Enjoy!!!


TRIBAL MOON 2012 Live at Goya!!! AWESOME!!!



Lyrics On My Mind Gold 2012

Lyrics On My Mind 2012 Vol 2~ Just Me (Lost My Mind)