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  • le château du Haut-Koenigsbourg un soir de réveillon

    By Roland

  • l'avion du soir

    By Roland

  • lever de Soleil dans ciel voilé

  • Ouuups !!!

  • Elegante...

    By Ch'an

  • Dédoublement de Fer

  • En mode yoga yoda ...

  • Le Mont St Michel

  • ***

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II Sigma DG EX 105 mm f/2.8 OS HSM Macro

  • ***

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II 50mm f1.8

  • Saint Cado

  • La Chenille deviendra Papillon...

  • Mystical, Magical & Magnificent Monasteries in Meteora!!!! St Stephen Monastery

    The St Stephen Monastery or Agios Stefanos Monastery at Meteora is a monastery for women in the complex of six monasteries at Meteora, Greece. The only monastery in the Meteora visible from Kalambaka, St. Stephen's was founded around 1400 and is now a nu…

  • Meteora – Between Heaven & Earth.!!!!!! The First Light !!!!!!

    Mystical, Magical & Magnificent Monasteries in Meteora!!!! Μετέωρα (Meteora Monasteries) and Byzantine Hymns by Petros Gaitanos and Irene Papas. [ youtu.be/I8W1yrbnkd0 ] Press z

  • Athens ...Cape Sounion ... POSEIDON TEMPLE ....

    POSEIDON TEMPLE The sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion is one of the most important sanctuaries in Attica. Sporadic finds point to the conclusion that the site was inhabited in the prehistoric period but there is no evidence of religious practice in such an…

  • Out Of The Blue!!!!!!!!

    By Peter

  • Porta d'entrada a les cavallerisses

    Castell de Sant Ferran - Figueres elracodelpare.blogspot.com.es/search/lab el/Figueres%20-%20Castell%20de%20Sant%20 Ferran

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