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  • Xenopolis - Partition

    With his wandering thoughts fading in the distance he paused for a moment. He felt riven by the idea, that it might not be reality hindering our imagination to take place - but the inner conflict of self-optionated visions and biased views, sometimes seem…

  • The Airport - Tunnel

    As his empty view rested on distant patterns of his memories, his numb thoughts became aware of that maelstrom, movement and its inherent changes can create, absorbing precious time like a black hole of disregarded desires - if one moves too fast. He didn…

  • Windows

    The Manueline (Portuguese: estilo manuelino), or Portuguese late Gothic, is the sumptuous, composite Portuguese style of architectural ornamentation of the first decades of the 16th century, incorporating maritime elements and representations of the disco…

  • ***

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II 24 - 105 mm f/4.0

  • Naufragée

    Tendresse, ivresse Silence de la souffrance Pose Sur caresse Mots doux Chienne en sursis Equilibre fragile Balancement du coeur Hésitation du corps Unijambiste de l' amour Y croire Pas toute la vie Juste un instant S' éloigner de ses vains désirs Aimer po…

  • Lettre a P.

    youtu.be/YVIy4UIuSOs ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---- Un P, comme pas vu, pas pris Un A, comme atmosphère Un R, comme le bon air de Paris I, c'est l'asphyxie E…

  • le seigneur de la plage

    By Lucie

  • Memories

    Tri-X | Rodinal | Adox MCP 312 | Tumblr | ♫

  • Raphael

    @ Far Behind the Sun Tri-X | Rodinal | Adox MCP 312 | Tumblr

  • Into Oblivion

    Tri-X | Rodinal | Ilford MG IV RC | Tumblr | ♫

  • Aurora borealis, Vega Norway. Oct. 14. 2014.

  • STD 6729 1

  • Golden Earring

    Kodak Tri-X @100 , expired 11/2013 exposed 05-15-2015 Developer: Microdol-X, Stock 1:0 -- ml/ltr Restrainer (Moersch) Plaubel Makina 670, Nikkor 2,8/80, Filter Dark Blue (KB 12)

  • The Shroud Bridge without shrouds....:)

  • I would like to stay.....

  • Menorca: Alaior

    Sunny Alaior :)

  • Dancing statue

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