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  • ford mustang dilemma ( V.S)

    lyon 0413...une légende de l automobile déstructurée à souhait par victor schonbrotz ( voir ma galerie ici ) ......" la symbiose du mythe Bulitien fondu et destructuré dans un mood refléctionatoire et totalement incontrolable !" Terry Michael NYC art maga…

  • Ni Kadek Mayang Sari

    This photo is posted out of my normal sets. Its captured with a cheap and simple Chinese smartphone camera. The result of the colors were not acceptable and unbearable. Bat after converting in b/w the result is like nostalgic. Its capture during a Galung…

  • DSC7626

    qlqs pics d'ahaggar.

  • Divendres Sant

    Holy Friday Sculpture by Ramon Amadeu i Grau, early nineteenth century. Church "Sant Esteve d'Olot", Catalonia.

  • lonesome white boat

    By Berny


    els arcs


    De xarrera..


  • early morning on the market

    By Berny

  • Jour naissant

    en octobre

  • mouvement aérien

  • Weather forecast: "Cloudy"

    Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia This is without any doubt one of the most bombastic sunrises I've ever seen. And it actually came unexpected because all that day it was cloudy and rainy, which is good for wide angle photos of clouds. But after watchi…

  • Crimson Paths

    An approach to the well-known Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto (also known as "a series of red"), which is also one of my Top 10 favorite places in Japan. I will show the list later on but it includes typical places such as Koyasan and some rather odd locat…


    Ne cherchez pas....aucun poisson...seule la langue de la lumière m'accompagnait :-)
    By Ferl

  • Abu-Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

    By Xata


    Détail d'une sculpture de Jaume Plensa : "Self portrait".
    By Ferl

  • Lincoln Cathedral

    Does any one have thoughts about the type of lighting that is being used I tried to alter the White Balance without much success i understand the reasons but the cheap stackable chairs look awful

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