Group: light and shadow

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light & shadows

Stairway to Heaven

the Cheshire Cat

still life 1

I Hear You Knocking

Licht & Schatten

Architecture et jeu de lumière

Three ladies (30.06.2022)

Plaza de Toros, Ronda

Downstairs (23.06.2022)

Roma caput mundi ???

Relax and let it everything sink in

Triangle (12.06.2022)

A Fence crossed by light

monday bench

Sizilianische Balkone

alte Ziegelei - Ringofen

shadows on the wall

Logs Lines And Shadows

Fahrstuhl-Begegnung im Brahms Kontor (© Buelipix)

Smartphone zombie (23.05.2022)

i panni che non si vedono

shady characters (2)

Let's play chess !