Group: Nikon D700

Rita in portrait pose

Two water frogs enjoying at the poolside

Young lady from the neighborhood

Rita in the pool

Sacred scene in front of the sacrificial altar

Gate to Pura Dalem Penatara

Adii in outfit of goddess Vishnu

In outifit for the Puputan memorial

Viewpoint at Bukit Asah Bali

Baya Sabda Idep Festival

Wedding guest group photo

Jukung boats on the Virgin Beach

Gunung Kawi Sebatu holy springs

Blessing from Pemangku priest

The bride at the (pre) wedding

Three ladies welcome wedding guests

Cute sisters photo shot

Wedding ceremony Oka and Komang

Ishtadevata blesses the wedding

Luh Ade and her elder sister Luh Gede

Worshiping to the Hindu gods

Holy altar to Tirta Empul

Onlooking to the ceremony

Pengerebongan inside scene

Pengerebongan inner yard

Gek Suzan and her Bija

Suzan shows sign of repture