Group: Vieilles Pierres (castles, churches, bridges., etc.....)

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  • P4270397ac St Georges Benedictine Abbey Choir Altar and Main Nave

  • P4270387ac St Georges Benedictine Abbey Pure Roman Nave 12th

    By Jacques

  • P4270384ac St Georges Benedictine Abbey 1113

  • P3299633ac Ribeira Grande Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • P3299631ac Ribeira Grande Igreja do Spirito Santo

  • P7120560ac Uglich Orthodox Cathedral of our Savior Transfiguration 1713

  • P6251535ac Salamanca Jesuit Baroque Church Clerecia Pontifical University 1611 - 1767

  • P6251516ac Casa de las Conchas (House of the Shells) 15th

  • P6251514ac Salamanca Jesuit Clerecia Baroque Church 1611 - 1767

  • France Auvergne Roman Churches

  • P6036262ac Old Donjon with a Stork Nest

  • P6197669ac Liechtenstein Vaduz Prince Castle

  • P4077066ac Cefalu Presbyterium at Easter Time

  • P4077062ac Cefalu Cathedral Choir

  • P6198036ac Roman Belfry Framed by Ifs

  • P6198031ac Girona Window on a Roman Belfry

  • P6198030ac Girona Cathedral Saint Mary

  • P9151003ac Renaissance Porch

  • P9151001ac Guingamp Basilica Notre Dame South View 12th-16th

  • P9150997ac Stunning Gothic Architecture

  • P9150993ac Notre Dame Window Detail of the Visitation

  • P9150972ac Holy Chocolate Shop

  • P9150971ac Mediaeval Architecture Near Notre Dame

  • Burma Bagan Ananda Phaya 4 Standing Buddhas

  • Burma Bagan Bhuddist Site

  • P8183466ac Guimiliau Sun Lighted Calvary Side

  • P8183465ac Guimiliau Calvary: The Flight into Egypt