Group: Vieilles Pierres (castles, churches, bridges., etc.....)

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  • P9203004ac Trévérec St Véran Beaumanoir Style Church

  • Brittany Cathedrals of the Saint Mediaeval Founders

  • P9122948ac Quimper Cathedral St Corentin North East View

  • P9122937ac Quimper St Corentin Cathedral Towers

  • P9122936ac Quimper Archbishop Palace Museum Courtyard

  • P9112783ac St Gildas Beaumanoir Style Chapel 15 th

  • P9203033ac Chatelaudren Chapel Nore Dame du Tertre South Entry Porch

  • P7252189ac Botlézan Ste Tunevel Chapel 15th 17th

  • P8072303ac Keralio Mediaeval Castle Now Luxury Hotel

  • P8072302bc Jacques Welcoming You at Home

  • P8072297ac Keralio Mediaeval Castle Now Luxury Hotel

  • P7022001ac Port Blanc Sentinel Rock with St Spirit on the Cross

  • P7021999ac Port Blanc Sentinel Rock at Low Tide

  • P9022644ac Roscoff Notre-Dame Church 16th

  • P7252188ac Langoat Beaumanoir Style Church and Parish Close with a Jeanne d'Arc Statue

  • P7252185ac Portable Phone Call

  • P9022570ac Incredible Skies Above Carantec Church

  • P6241880ac Unusual Church Belfry Shape

  • P6241892ac St Malo Town Hall Inside Fortified Old Center Battlements

  • P6241878ac Restored Wind Mill

  • P7102084ac Beauport Abbey General View

  • P7102093ac Beauport Mediaeval Abbey Ruin

    By Jacques

  • P6251905ac Plougrescant Castel Meur Old Shepherd Shelter

  • P4221599ac Pino Pisan Ciocce Tower

  • P4231616ac Antic Shepherd Shelter

  • P4151481ac Murato St Michel Chapel 12th - 13th

  • P4151479ac Murato St Michel Chapel 12th - 13th

    By Jacques