Group: Vieilles Pierres (castles, churches, bridges., etc.....)

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  • Normandie Rouen St Ouen Abbey

    By Jacques

  • P8183445ac Ste Melaine Beaumanoir Style Mediaeval Church Facade

    By Jacques

  • P8183441ac Morlaix St Melaine Mediaeval Church and Old High Bridge

    By Jacques

  • P7022007bc Perros-Guirec Pink Granite Medieval Church of Saint-Jacques

  • P6241877ac Inhabited Stone Wind Mill

    By Jacques

  • P6103143ac Dol-de-Bretagne Ex-Cathedral St Samson 13th

  • P9022579ac St Pol-de-Léon Chapel Notre-Dame du Kreisker (14th - 15 th)

  • P9022596ac St Pol-de-Léon Cathedral St Pol Aurélien 12 th to 16 th

  • Dol-de-Bretagne St Samson Cathedral

  • PICT10959ac South Aisle and Sarmental Entry Portal

  • P6282103ac Unusual Oval Cupola with Medallions of Saint Bishops and Popes

  • P6096939ac Melk Church Main Altar

  • P6086886ac Glorious Monument Top of a Hill

  • 103 0310ac Salzburg Cathedral Cupola

  • 103 0309ac Salzburg Cathedral Cupola

  • 103 0306ac Martyr of St Sebastian Altar

    By Jacques

  • 103 0302ac Salzburg Baroque Cathedral 17 th

  • 102 0300ac Incredible Vaultings

  • 102 0299ac Baroque and Gothic Mixture

  • 102 0298ac Salzburg Franziskaner Church Choir Pillars

  • 102 0296ac Mozart's Birthplace in Salzburg

  • 100 0066ac Basel Half Cathedral and Tiled Roofs

    By Jacques

  • P9112897bc Emerging Cathedral St Corentin at Sunset

  • 101 0176ac Crystal Chandelier

  • 200307 Germany Bavaria LudwigII Castles

  • P9203004ac Trévérec St Véran Beaumanoir Style Church

  • Brittany Cathedrals of the Saint Mediaeval Founders