Group: flowers and gardens

Rose Flowering In The Sun.

"Fête de l'Assomption*****

Nest In The Blossom.

VLAANDEREN **************************

A Matamata Nouvelle Zélande

Sweet Faces.

One Pansy Face.

"I Wish you a lovely week****************** -

Orchidée sur tronc de palmier multipliant

"A dinner between friends*****

Rose du jardin

"Gorgeous MARLENE***********

A Man, a few roses, a clarinet, HAPPINESS*********…

Magnolia Opening.

"From Paris, from London, from all those vho loved…


" Hello, Sidney !***

Hibiscus pip

Red, Red Roses

Angraecum eburneum

Pansies in The Weeds.

Hollyhock Flower

Through A Window.