Group: 100+ Visits (Please check also out 3+, 7+ and 14+ Faves ! cf. below)

Dressing room of the Countess of Edla.

Mural of the Municipal Market.

Almourol Castle and River Tagus.

Botanical Garden.

Street art in course.

Sit and Enjoy the View

Castle Street.

Bread hollows.

Fountain (1713).

Mountains of Corvo.

View to the walled town of Marvão.

Trompe-l'œil on corner building.

Leisure fisherman.

Tied up castle.

Mural of the axe carpenter.

The Swan.

Man at the helm.

Municipal Library.

Quiet boats on River Tagus.

Painting on anti-landslide protection.

Street art.

Llandudno Bay.


Nazarene Church.

AC Cobra (1971).

Mid-relief (1996).

Marine Gate.