Group: 100+ Visits (Please check also out 3+, 7+ and 14+ Faves ! cf. below)

Tropical fish.

Mecklenburg Deutschland

Inside the castle's cistern.

Bivio Schweiz

Feldkirch Österreich

Sound movies projecting machine, made by Bauer (Ge…

Anse de la Rance - Bretagne

Street art.

Starry moray (Echidna nebulosa).

View to Alto Mira Crossroads.

Horse-drawn trap and load wagons.

Landesmuseum Bregenz Österreich



Winding canyon.

Outdoor appeal from El Concepto Restaurant.

Rocky mounts.

Church of Saint Marine.

Eagle ray (Myliobatis aquila).

Walls decorated with frescoes.

Canyon and mountains.

Watch out, he's wielding a hair dryer!

Door details.

Church of Our Lady of Conception.

House of the Mosaic Atrium.