Group: benches

My corona free oasis

Bench painted with maritime theme.

Bench painted with maritime theme.

Old cannon.

Doro T. : Dorothee, my love story. We are married…

Bench outside Boutique da Poncha.

Fountain in house's backyard.

Massaroco bench.

Portuguese pavement.

Ancient Town Hall.

Mother Church of Our Lady of Piedade.

Bench painted with historic theme.

Punk (Berlin 1988)

Dichter oder Denker?

Lesen am Alsterpark in Hamburg

Vor der Schelf-Kirche in Schwerin

Dog in Nanortalik, Greenland


Doppelbank in Planten un Blomen

Doppelbank an der Alster

Nowhere To Run

Livin' On The Edge--HFF

First row for sunset / Logenplatz für'n Sonnenunte…

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