Group: Nature Lovers

1 (44)...austria tree with sunrise

Dunham Park Beauty.

Cistus monspeliensis, Thirsty Land Poetry

Valleys And Hills

Tree At Blue Lake.


Penedo do Guincho

Tonquin Beach

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Tonquin Beach

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Gelände, Imnitzersteig

Überraschung im Wald / Surprise in the forest

Wälder & Weiden / Forests & pastures


1 (37)....austria ...forest sunrise clouds

Thirsty Land poetry at nightfall, Azinheira (Querc…

A Place To Sit And Eat.

Nearing Ohura

Rose garden

Penedos, Hot evening light

Seagulls at Raglan Camping Grounds.

Thirsty Land poetry

Penedos, Calitros, Eucalyptus

Balkon mit Aussicht / Balcony with a view

Entspannte Rinder / Relaxed cattle

Quietly Pecking

Pepi beim Gipfelkreuz / Pepi at the summit cross

Ingrid in Bären-Gewalt / Ingrid under bear's contr…