Group: Master and Muse

Kaitoki Waterworks, Park.

Floral Faces.


In Between The Trees.

Tandis que le violoncelle s'affole La femme cherch…

Indian Garden.

Impressionistic Still Life

Gathering Of Water Birds.

Fly Takes A Break.

Amour de mer tourmentée D'écume grondante...

Dogs' Day Off

Bonne semaine.

Busy, Busy, Bee

By Lake Whakamaru

Calves Resting.

The Rose Garden

Habiller mon corps ressuscité d'amour...Saisir l'é…

Quiet Stream.

Our Developing Trip and Breathtaking Pink Tulips (…

Yellow Buttercups.

Waxeye on Kowhai Tree.

European Goldfinch.

Very Friendly Dog.

Lovely Shallows of the Rogue River Last Year (+1 i…

Under The Oak Tree.