Group: AMIS = मित्रों = FRIENDS = 朋友人 = PRIJATELJI

Last Spring's Babies Have All Flown

Passing Mount Taranaki. (Egmont)

Lake Rotorua

Williamstown Shoreline .

Rainbow Sky

Close Up Of Melbourne City From Williamstown.

Along A Footpath

Pansy Party

Reflection On Car Window.

Who Left The Gate Open?

Horses Running Free.

All Modern Conveniences!

Mediteranian Coastline

Sunset On Glass Door.

From Tauranga Waterfront,

Digging For Worms.

Up The Garden Path.

broken fence at dusk

Marigolds and Hydrangeas

Autumn's Leafy Carpet

Colour In The Clouds

Timeball Tower.

What's On My Paw?

Free Beauty.

Perfect Rose.