Church of Mercy.

Holy Mary Church (13th/14th centuries).

Spreading Light: 2022 Kazakh Interfaith Summit

Blue Mosque @ Night


Chapel of Our Lady of Carmo.

Chapel of the Holy Spirit.

Church of Mercy (1370).

Church of Mercy.

Mother Church of Sardoal.

Church in Truso Valley (Georgia)

Indoor sign.

Hindou Temple Radha Krishna.

Les vaches à la plage

Inside Samtavro Monastery, Mtskheta

Inside New Mosque

Chapel of Our Lady of Conception.

Chapel of Our Lady of Conception.

Saint Bartholomew Church.

Holy Mary Church.

Saint Thomas Chapel.

Chapel of the Souls of the Fields.

Saint Anthony Church (17th century).

Chapel of Veronica's Footsteps (18th century).

Chapel of Cyresius' Footsteps (18th century).

Descent of the Ganges (Mahabalipuram)

Church of Mercy (1690).