Group: Nikon D600 / D610

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Milky Way Core.

Star Less Milky Way Center

Dark Horse Nebula & Jupiter

Dawesville cut Bridge. see info

Fighting Dragons

Warrungup Spring Reserve

The Comfort of Old Friends

Busy, Busy, Bee

The Tip of Scorpios Tail.

Welcome to the SEA

First Run- nothing fancy

EQM35 Goto Sky Watcher

Milky Way Bow.

The Spot At Two Rocks. best seen on Black

Life is Back to Normal- We are being burnt out.

Old Film photography gear.

Still life -Glasses.

Indian Summer

Still Life with Red Wine.

Down on the Beach

South High above the city Lights.

Slam Dunk - North

2014 Please have your say which looks better to yo…