Group: Beautiful Ireland

Enniscoe House Crossmolina Co. Mayo Ireland 24th J…

Tuam County Galway Ireland 21st April 2016


Cliffs of Moher 4 (Explored)

Cliffs of Moher 3

Cliffs of Moher 2

Cliffs of Moher 1

Trotting along

Red wings (Explored)

Old carvings

Still standing

Saved from the sands

The graveyard at Saint Caomhán's

New and the old

Cycling along (Explored)

Weeds arise

A stoney island

Brown beauty (Explored)

Grazing in the tall grass

Wild weather

Clouds approaching

Rainy day cow

Fences in the Burren 2 (Explored)

Fences in the Burren 1

Field of rocks

Barren Burren

A peek at the Burren