Group: diptych

Deux d'entre elles sont rouges, laquelle?

The Expression of Emotions

Heads by Henry Holiday and Marcus Gheeraerts the E…

Dancing in Rio 2016

Bonomi Edward Warren: Variations on Trees and Shad…

M. C. Escher's allusion(?) to John Martin's "The B…

Lake Superior

Herbs & Horses

Dead bird reconfigured

The Broker's and the Monk's Nose (with a little he…

M. C. Escher's allusion to John Martin's "The Bard…

The Carpenter and Ahasuerus

Billiard-Marker & Henry George Liddell

Ditchley Snark

Ditchley Snark


While he rattled a couple of bones

The Banker's Nose and Spectacles

From Doré's Root to Holiday's Rat

The Hunting of the Snark

Holiday and Gheeraerts I

Holiday - Millais - Anonymous - Galle

Doré (1863), Holiday (1876), Doré (1866)

Henry Holiday alluding to John Martin

A Nose Job

we'll find a place to hide


Holidays Feeling