Group: 400-500 views

Buddha watching over Mae Sariang

Ruins on Phanom Rung at the Angkor Highway


At the market in Viengxay


Zangdopelri Temple in Kanglung


Entrance door into the Zangdopelri Temple


Hello from Sembung

La Machota Alta and El Fraile.

Roman Road near El Escorial.

A long way down!! I

Agitato and blue

Hollowed Rock

Guitar and Music Book.

Cabezuela del Valle, 1982.

Godrevy, Cornwall

La Sierra de La Cabrera - granite, and snow on the…

Keeping watch

Looking East from near Zennor Head, Cornwall. On t…

Cornish granite near Penberth Cove

H. A. N. W. E. everyone! Monasterio de Nuestra Se…

Wing edge and sunset, courtesy of Ryan Air

North Cliffs, above Porthcadjack on the way to Bas…

Rock window

'He thinks we can't see him'. 'Just wait till he f…

Sierra de La Cabrera and the Convento Monasterio d…

Tubby's Head (full screen best)

Pedraza Castle, Segovia Province

Guess who the silly prat was who forgot his gloves…