Group: Σταυρός-Cross-Kreuz-Croix-Kruco

Mother Church of the Holy Saviour.

Church of Mercy.

Мир Божији, Христос се роди!

Church of Our Lady of Salvers.

Mother Church of Saint James Major (1797).

Über dem Altar - Above The Altar (PiPs)

Marienkapelle - Chapel of the Virgin Mary (PiP)

Roman Catholic church of St. Michael the Archangel

Geplauder - Chit-Chat

Der Walddämon - The Forest Demon (PiPs)

Sobrado's Marmoiral (13th century).

The Baptism of Jesus Christ.

Mother Church of Our Lady of Assumption (18th cent…

Calvary of Arouca.

Saint Anthony Chapel.

Big House (Mansion of the Malafaias).

Chapel of the Big House.

Church of Our Lady of Conception.

Iglesia en Milagro (Navarra), 4

Iglesia en Milagro (Navarra), 3

Iglesia en Milagro (Navarra), 2

Iglesia en Milagro (Navarra), 1

Former Holy Mary Church.

Fountain (1713).

Cross and Church of Our Lady of Estrela.

Das Almkreuz - The Crucifix On The Mountain Pastur…