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  • Loch Droma Winter 12th February 2012

  • Scottish Ploughing Championships 2011 f

  • Talisker Bay

    Isle of Skye

  • Places we return to

    In times of indecision...find safety in what you know. There's been so many conversions of this shot you'd be amazed to see how shoddy the original was with dust spots etc... but I still enjoy working on it... I still love it! This is probably the closest…

  • Old man of Wick

    The ruins of the best preserved Norse castle in Scotland dating from the 12th century. Caithness

  • Escaping the bogs and the fields

    Places to hide Kiltarlity Inverness

  • Over Bruiach burn landscape

  • Undiscovered 3

    I've lived here for over 18 years and only discovered this beautiful location today only 20mins walk away. This is going to be quite a challenge to get the exposure right...any tips are welcome!

  • Midsummer Insomnia 3

    I don't sleep so well in the hot summer months. Complain about the shorter days but when the long light of June and July hit it disturbs some kind of natural rythym and dreams seem more vivid. There's an urgency to be out there and fear of what your missi…

  • Cloudbusting

  • Finding Home IV

  • Erosion Wick

    Wick Caithness Scotland

  • time

    Dornoch beach Scotland

  • standing stones2

    flooded fields by some standing stones near Dores beside Loch Ness in Inverness-shire

  • Loch Bruiach

  • Loch Droma

  • 2009 Calendar

    The Highlands of Scotland 2009 Calendar now available from Qoop 1890965/