french c16 glass in the v. and a.

foreign glass in english churches

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  • bardwell C17th glass

    a nice mishmash of details

  • banham french glass C16th

    A mother and child import just on the cusp of the Renaissance.

  • lambourne road to hell glass c17

    detail of early c17 swiss glass

  • lambourne 3 kings c17 swiss glass

  • lambourne 1631 walk on water glass

  • lambourne 1623 glass

  • lambourne 3 kings glass c17

  • rivenhall 1200 tours glass

  • cherington c17 glass

    bird, c17,perhaps a spoonbill?

  • cherington glass c16-18

    armour, face, helmet, breasts

  • patrixbourne church

    1602 swiss glass of a knight

  • patrixbourne church

    1670 swiss glass of the adoration of the shepherds

  • patrixbourne church

    1670 swiss glass showing one of christ's miracles

  • patrixbourne church

    1670 swiss glass of the murder of st.meinrad

  • gt.saxham doom glass

    It's judgement day and all the usual suspects are at the party, Mary's got her tits out to remind Christ of all he owes her, in order that he'll get God to go easy on us poor sinners.

  • gt.saxham ascension

    c.1860 colourful glass, maybe gibbs? - couldnt find any signature so if you know that this is Hardman or O'Connor or whomsoever, let me know please.

  • great saxham, escape from damnation, swiss glass c16

    christ shows the way out of the clutches of the devil

  • gt.saxham mother and child glass

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