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Glasgow Central Station

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With over 32 million passengers in 2016–17, Glasgow Central is the twelfth-busiest railway station in Britain, and the busiest in Scotland. According to Network Rail, over 38 million people use it annually, 80% of whom are passengers. The station is protected as a category A listed building. In Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations by Simon Jenkins, the station was one of only ten to be awarded five stars. In 2017 the station received a customer satisfaction score 95.2%, the highest in the UK. Quoted from Wikipedia .

Glasgow Cathedral

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Glasgow Cathedral, also called the High Kirk of Glasgow or St Kentigern's or St Mungo's Cathedral, is today a gathering of the Church of Scotland in Glasgow. Quoted from Wikipedia .


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Ingram Street, Glasgow


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Ingram Street, Glasgow


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Ingram Street, Glasgow

Heilan' Coo

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Ingram Street, Glasgow


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Ingram Street, Glasgow

Mushroom Picker

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Ingram Street, Glasgow


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John Street, Glasgow

Muirend Railway Station, Glasgow

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Muirend railway station is an island platform suburban railway station in the Muirend area of Glasgow, Scotland. The station, which opened in 1903, is managed by Abellio ScotRail and lies on the Neilston branch of the Cathcart Circle Lines. Quoted from Wikipedia .

Three Men on a Bench

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Kibble Palace is a 19th-century wrought iron framed glasshouse, covering 2137 m2. Originally designed for John Kibble by architects James Boucher and James Cousland for his home at Coulport on Loch Long in the 1860s. Quoted from Wikipedia.

Sisters of Bethany

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Inscription: on front of plinth: “THE SISTERS OF BETHANY / ‘THE MASTER IS COME AND CALLETH FOR THEE’” This quotation from John 11:28, Martha's cheerful call to Mary, also provided the title of a poem by Christina Rossetti and appears on Victorian tombstones, such as that of George Edward Rood at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol. Quoted from the Victorian Web .

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

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Glasgow Botanic Gardens is a botanical garden located in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland. It features several glasshouses, the most notable of which is the Kibble Palace. Quoted from Wikipedia.

The Glasgow coat of arms always shows the fish wit…

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There's the tree that never grew, There's the bird that never flew, There's the fish that never swam, There's the bell that never rang. Quoted from 'Rampant Scotland' .

Edward VIII Pillar Box, Glasgow

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Original examples are rare as Edward VIII only reigned for less than a year, from 20 January 1936 to 11 December 1936. After his abdication, most boxes bearing his cypher were modified or replaced. Quoted from Wikimedia .

Dolores Ibárruri

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As you approach Custom House Quay, the eye is drawn to an unusual statue with arms outstretched. This is one of the few memorials in the country to groups of men and women who left Britain to join the International Brigades in Spain. Quoted from BBC Scotland .

'Squiggly Bridge'

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The Tradeston Bridge (Scots: Tredstoun Brig, colloquially known as the squiggly bridge) is a pedestrian bridge across the River Clyde in Glasgow which opened on 14 May 2009. It links the districts of Anderston (on the north bank) to Tradeston (on the south bank) – the aim of the bridge being to aid the regeneration of Tradeston by giving it a direct link to the city's financial district on the western side of the city centre. Quoted from Wikipedia .

Glasgow Green

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