• Meergranen-spelt bierbrood

  • Caramelised Onion, Herb, Cheese Stuffed Bread

    Recipe BBB October 2014 and Round-up. . . . .…

  • Fijne feestdagen iedereen!

    Afgelopen dagen veel gefröbeld met deeg (tot kerstboompjes), hoewel we dit jaar (voor het eerst) niet eens een echte kerstboom in huis hebben! :-)

  • Carrot Bread

    Ommitted the carrot juice and also replaced the wheat flour for a mixture of (whole wheat) rye flour, whole wheat spelt flour and........*sigh* forgot the topping. Like Jan slashed the dough with scissors. Loved the bread and recipe! Thanks Heather for t…

  • Pane Maggiore

    Rezept Pane Maggiore

  • Barbari Bread

    Barbari Bread Recipe and Round up Bread Baking Buddies Sometimes you're last, sometimes you're first! :-)) This time Elizabeth brings us really back to the basics and let us knead by hand. Made half recipe this morning. It smelled a little bit chemic…

  • Hokkaidobrood met Tang Zhong

    Recipe Hokkaido Milk Toast Bread (Japanese style)

  • A sweet (cinnamon/brown sugar) Russian braid (sorry! no rose!) baked as a buddy with the BBB's on World Bread Day!

    Recipe .

  • Molasses Fennel Rye Bread

    Recipe and Round-up Made a "few" changes in the recipe....... omitted: the sugar, the unbleached all purpose flour, the wheat germ, the fennel seeds forgot: the raisens added: wheat bran, ground fennel reduced: the water, the blackstrap molasses, the…

  • Celebrating Julia Child's 100th Birthday with her French Bread

  • Easy Little Bread


  • Shepherd's Bread

    Made a whole wheat version. As usual omitted the sugar and used my own (proven cold oven) method.

  • (Granville Island) Beer Bread

    Recipe and Round-Up!. The best thing to baking with the BBB's is that you occasionally bake a bread, where you initially after reading the recipe, would not even consider to bake. This (is as the Australian Master Chefs sometimes say "thinking out of the…

  • Bruin brood

  • Sûkerbôle / Sugar Bread / Fries suikerbrood


  • Volkorenbrood


  • July BOM?: Lemon-Scented Pull-Apart Coffee Cake


  • Sprouted Kamut Bread


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