Meergranen-spelt bierbrood

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Meergranen-spelt bierbrood

Caramelised Onion, Herb, Cheese Stuffed Bread

23 Oct 2014 2 878
Recipe BBB October 2014 and Round-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . Made the first, small version. Didn't have red onions and used a mixture of Dutch cheeses in and on the braid. Went great with fried eggs! Thanks Katie !

Fijne feestdagen iedereen!

25 Dec 2013 2 1 1000
Afgelopen dagen veel gefröbeld met deeg (tot kerstboompjes), hoewel we dit jaar (voor het eerst) niet eens een echte kerstboom in huis hebben! :-)

Carrot Bread

29 Oct 2013 4 5 1262
Ommitted the carrot juice and also replaced the wheat flour for a mixture of (whole wheat) rye flour, whole wheat spelt flour and........*sigh* forgot the topping. Like Jan slashed the dough with scissors. Loved the bread and recipe! Thanks Heather for this great BBB's Recipe and Round up !.

Pane Maggiore

06 Jul 2013 2 1 1075
Rezept Pane Maggiore

Barbari Bread

16 Jun 2013 3 6 1352
Barbari Bread Recipe and Round up Bread Baking Buddies Sometimes you're last, sometimes you're first! :-)) This time Elizabeth brings us really back to the basics and let us knead by hand. Made half recipe this morning. It smelled a little bit chemical when I opened the oven door. Didn't tell the test panel what was in the bread, but both immediatly said it reminds them of Pretzels! They liked the bread very much, specially the Romal topping! Thanks Elizabeth !!

Hokkaidobrood met Tang Zhong

20 Apr 2013 1 668
Recipe Hokkaido Milk Toast Bread (Japanese style)

A sweet (cinnamon/brown sugar) Russian braid (sorr…

Molasses Fennel Rye Bread

28 Sep 2012 3 1 1038
Recipe and Round-up Made a "few" changes in the recipe....... omitted: the sugar, the unbleached all purpose flour, the wheat germ, the fennel seeds forgot: the raisens added: wheat bran, ground fennel reduced: the water, the blackstrap molasses, the salt increased: the rye flour, the whole wheat flour and still it was a good and tasty bread! Thanks Elizabeth!

Celebrating Julia Child's 100th Birthday with her…

Easy Little Bread

Shepherd's Bread

29 May 2012 3 2 888
Made a whole wheat version. As usual omitted the sugar and used my own (proven cold oven) method.

(Granville Island) Beer Bread

28 Apr 2012 2 2 1263
Recipe and Round-Up! . The best thing to baking with the BBB's is that you occasionally bake a bread, where you initially after reading the recipe, would not even consider to bake. This (is as the Australian Master Chefs sometimes say "thinking out of the box") results sometimes in some surprisingly tasty breads. Similarly, this bread! Never before have I processed saucage in a bread.......but how delicious this bread smells......tomorrow we taste it!! Thanks Nathasya!

Sûkerbôle / Sugar Bread / Fries suikerbrood

18 Sep 2011 4 2 1438
Recept/Recipe .


July BOM?: Lemon-Scented Pull-Apart Coffee Cake

Sprouted Kamut Bread

06 Jul 2011 2 603
Recipe .

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