• Iris and Poppies

    Light blue irises against a hedge with pink poppies behind. The specks of light are the sun coming through the hedge.

  • Red White and Blue

    Patriotic combo? But try naming the flowers,please.

  • Blue again

    A wee blue flower on its own on the woodland floor.

  • An orange dahlia

    To compete the set, perhaps.

  • Kissing Birds

    This is probably the only photo on Flickr that has to be viewed in small size to get it!

  • Purple Spike

    Purple spikes of flowers

  • YAYF

    Yet Another Yellow Flower. No adjustments. A little cropping, nothing else but what the camea (and me) shot. Computer folk will "appreciate" the name, I hope! Still one of my favourites.

  • stripes

    A lovely striped border

  • Poppies

    Poppies broadcast over a hill at the Eden Project

  • Cream and Green

    Just cream, just green

  • morewhite

    Feathery white flowers

  • Morning Glory

    More home grown flowers

  • balls

    Are they spikey or soft????

  • peony

    Like the colours?

  • strawflower

    I grew this from seed!

  • Cactus Flower

    A nice flower in my conservatory. Out for a day

  • Flowers in Edinburgh

    In the valley park in the heart of Edinburgh

  • Another Mexican Shell Flower

    A red one.

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