• Daypack Layout

    The carry-on daypack, with contents (mostly camera gear) laid out and ready to pack.

  • Wheeliebeast Layout

    The rolling duffelbag, with contents laid out and ready to pack.

  • Backpack Layout

    The big backpack and contents, ready to pack.

  • Hometown Pseudo-Fjords

    Flew over my hometown on the leg from Minneapolis to Toronto. Looking down, it struck me that I'd grown up between what were, in a manner of speaking, a pair of fjords. Appropriate, given I was on my way to Iceland.

  • Windmills

    Somewhere in central lower Michigan.

  • Monster Plane

    The first A380 I've ever seen, at the gate in Toronto. The image doesn't do justice to how much bigger this thing was than the planes around it. It turned out to be at the gate two away from my Iceland Air flight, so I got a good view of it from the front…

  • Kurt's Photos

  • On the Menu


  • Questionable Sign

    I'm not sure who thought using a mummified lawn jockey to advertise their soup was a great idea, but it didn't make me want to buy any.

  • Gloomy Hallgrimskirkja

  • Points

  • Got A Little Leifur In Ya?

    Kurt miming the Leif statue in front of Hallgrimskirkja.

  • Fjord at Low Tide

  • Umm...

    Saw their trucks and offices all over Iceland. Turns out it's a furniture company.

  • Fish Shed

    In the park near the lighthouse.

  • Hot Tub

    A bored-out rock filled with geothermal water, near the lighthouse.

  • Low Tide

    Weird mounds of seaweed near the lighthouse. Either that, or someone's pulli dogs melted...

  • Lighthouse

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