Cenarth Falls


The River Teifi at this point emerges from a deep ravine over a ledge that produces a spectacular waterfall when the river is in full spate and this attracts many visitors throughout the year. A dramatic painting of the falls was made by Frank Miles and is now at Nottingham City Museum. Miles's father inherited Cardigan Priory from his father, Philip John Miles, but lived in Nottinghamshire as Re…  (read more)

Cenarth Falls

Vortex? [Flickr Explored]

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Took this shot through the round holes in the bridge structure at Cenarth, but it looks almost planetary!


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Looking downstream on the Teifi from Cenarth bridge showing 'Flat Rock'

Sheep's Pool

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This spot on the Teifi, immediately downstream the bridge, was known as Sheep's Pool, Before the advent of sheep dip, from the sloping rock in the foreground, the flock was driven into the river and herded across by coracle men. This river-wash would rid the sheep of ticks and fleas. The rocks opposite are known as 'The Run'

Cenarth church