Woodhenge, Cahokia, IL, USA

Road trip and Lyons Kansas 20 May to 31 May 2015

Woodhenge, Cahokia, IL, USA

23 May 2015 1 376
Panorama of the reconstructed wooden circle at Cahokia, the amazing 4,000 acre native American site. Stitched panorama.

Drone at Cahokia

23 May 2015 346
A Phantom 2 drone with a Go-Pro 4 camera surveying part of the site at Cahokia, Missouri. The bigger mound in the background is Monk's Mound, just a small part of this 4000 acre site.

Unusual advert

23 May 2015 2 1 406
Snapped from the window of the car on I 70 on the way to Lyons, Kansas. The festival is in Olean, Missouri. The website says "Come sample fried turkey testicles at the Olean Jaycees annual festival." Sadly I am back in the UK now...


23 May 2015 2 1 483
Seen just off I70 and snapped from the car window as we were driving to Lyons, Kansas.

Rocket at the Cosmosphere

24 May 2015 1 439
A Titan II rocket at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Gallery. This was an unexpected find in Hutchison, Kansas, but an excellent museum all round.


24 May 2015 320
Not quite what I was expecting to see in Kansas!


25 May 2015 1 317
Just north of Lyons, Kansas.

It was a dark and stormy night...

25 May 2015 3 589
Lyons, Kansas, 2015.

NPS Workshop 2015

28 May 2015 409
Participants at the 2015 NPS workshop on Geophysics in Archaeology held in Lyons, Kansas, 25th-29th May.

Square Lyons

31 May 2015 2 3 513
Trying something different in Lyons, Kansas.

Square Lyons (BW version)

02 Jun 2015 1 381
Someone suggested a BW version of this image. I think I prefer the colour one. Lyons, Kanses, Pentax K-3, Sigma 17-70mm lens.

Doing the resistance tango

29 May 2015 438
Using a twin probe array and a square array in the same grid square can be problematic! Chris Gaffney and myself are operating the machines. Tobias site near Lyons, Kansas, NPS course 2015.

Down hole magnetic susceptibility survey

28 May 2015 321
Rinita Dalan and Rebecca Wallace of Minnesota State University Moorhead undertake a down-hole magnetic susceptibility survey at the Tobias site, Rice County, Kansas.

The world's largest wind chime

30 May 2015 1 384
In Casey, IL. We spotted the signs for this on I70 on our way from Lyons KS to Columbus, OH. It succeeded in its main aim, getting us off the highway and into Casey! Taken with my K28/3.5 shift lens on a Pentax K-3.

Coming soon, the world's largest rocking chair

30 May 2015 359
Coming attractions in Casey, IL.

The world's largest golf tee

30 May 2015 2 1 357
I'm not certain you'd be able to hit a ball from this. One of the attractions in Casey, IL.

Big old tree

31 May 2015 352
Jarrod Burks (Ohio Valley Archaeology Inc.) demonstrates the size of a tree stump which is inside one of the circular earthworks at Newark, Ohio.

Newark circular green

31 May 2015 1 336
This green is located inside a circular native American earthwork, part of the Newark earthworks in Ohio, USA. It lies just outside the Octagon earthwork in and around which is a gold course. This is a stitched panorama of 12 images.

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