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Clover Red, Trifolium pratense

Clover Red, Trifolium pratense
Folklore surrounding this wildflower
Whoever carries a 3-leaf Clover will be able to detect witches, sorcerors and fairies. A 4-leaf Clover is even more powerful. A 5-leaf Clover was worn by witches to make them even more powerful. A 2-leaf Clover enables a maiden to see her future love.

Place a leaf in your shoe or over a door and the first man who comes your way you will marry. To dream of a field of Clover is lucky. If you wish to see fairies, place 7 grains of wheat on a 4-leaved Clover and they may appear before you. Pick a flower stalk when the moon is full and present it to your partner when seeking a promise of fidelity. After a broken love affair, wear a flower near your heart and the Clover will mend it. Grow Clover to keep snakes from your property. To deal with financial matters successfully, add Red Clover to your bath.