Posted on 06/28/2007

Photo taken on June 28, 2007

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orange home of the beetle

orange home of the beetle
it all started one day when a beetle passed my way.
came into my house. straight to my room,
high noon just like John Wayne…
I was thought to respect every enemy,
even if he’s smaller than me,
but when I kicked the beetle outa my district
a million insects came back. massive attack….

and took revenge. so I closed the window. I close the door.
but they came through the sink. so I went to the store.
bought a "click-cluck" gun, bought ammunition.
my definition of love'n peace fell down to the ground
knock out in the first round. I used to be a hippie.
now I'm a master of war....

but this ain't kafka, even though my name is Gregor.
I killed every beetle that passed my way,
destroid every fly that tried to stay. me, a wanna be.
who wanted to be a killer bee. but they came in masses.
like an underworld army. funny how little things can change your life.

it all started one day...

all this fighting has made me tired, I lost my job,
I got hired and fired. I slept for a year. now I've lost my fear.
I've arranged myself, yes, I've arranged myself.
now I live without sex in a house of insects...

(by be - orange)

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