dweller at the threshold

22 selected newer collages

Why 22? Because it's my lucky number. Ordered with the newest ones first.
  • dweller at the threshold
  • cupping the void
  • autumnal reverie
  • burst over blue
  • stretching tadpoles and upside dogs
  • accretion of data
  • waltzing above the ice
  • brillant et bleu un moment
  • flying high above the city
  • blue spikes
  • my abstract home
  • dysfunctional family
  • birds gotta swim, fish gotta fly
  • marat dying with butterflies
  • pygoplites diacanthus
  • moment of intense confusion
  • fish indigo
  • talkin' 'bout that weird beast
  • silvery objects with boxfish
  • the cobbler's dream