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the ties that bind

the ties that bind
Cut-paper collage postcard for Danielle. That funny little watercolor of Chang & Eng, the original Siamese twins, really caught my eye: their clothes and hats, not to mention the racket, include every hue in the rainbow except orange. So I added orange (a lovely textured Japanese silk paper that didn't scan well) and stirred in some other stuff.

Fascinating fact about Chang & Eng: They wanted to be separated, because they had different personalities and habits; but doctors always said there must be something vital in the band of tissue between them, so the operation would be too risky. After they died, an autopsy was done. It turned out that modern surgical techniques would have easily allowed them to be separated.

To be quite frank about it, this postcard isn't getting much love from me, The color of the orange paper didn't scan right: it's less peachy in the original. But even before that, I was having strong mixed feelings about how the rainbow colors play off each other. And the grey fibers with the blue balls (a MoMA necklace) are givin' me the creeps. I decided that Chang & Eng need a way to escape from the postcard—that's why I added the triangle with pink flowers. But they haven't escaped yet! =sigh=


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