• SF Winter Solstice Union Square (1469)

    Another holiday lights from Union Square, SF....

  • SF Winter Solstice Union Square (1466)

    Though I don't celebrate religious holidays, I've no problem with lighting up the darkest time of the year. This is particularly true in a year that seems unusually dismal for the workers of the world. So, interspersed as I'm posting other pictures, thi…

  • SF City Hall seasons greeting (1349)

  • SF City Hall holiday wedding (1348)

    A friend joins the couple on the steps.

  • SF City Hall holiday wedding (1347)

    A couple on the steps of City Hall posing, seemingly for their wedding.

  • SF City Hall Rotunda (1346)

    Watching overe it all, a man wearing a sweatshirt that says "It takes the hood to save the hood." The saying is used by United Playaz. ".. a San Francisco-based violence prevention and youth development organization." (http://www.unitedplayaz.org/)

  • SF City Hall Rotunda (1344)

    Couples getting married under the rotunda, Santa and the firemen giving gifts below. From the mezzanine.

  • SF City Hall Rotunda (1342)

    Up around the tree, judges and other officials were performing marriages. By appearances, this seemed to be a straight wedding.

  • SF City Hall Rotunda (1341)

    PG&E, Safeway, and the firemen were giving gifts for kids. These are not the sorts of families that would be living in all of the new housing that is being built in the city. The gifts seemed to be bags of groceries and then a toy. In larger versions…

  • SF City Hall Rotunda (1339)

    Holiday at City Hall

  • SF SOMA PG&E (0499)

    PG&E's Embarcadero Substation, built in 1973. Admittedly an electric substation isn't usually a work of art, but its hard to believe they couldn't come up with something better than this appearance as a massive fortress.

  • SF SOMA Coppersmiths (0497)

    One block from Lumina (see adjacent picture) an historic coppersmiths building. A remodeled remnant of what the area once was.

  • SF SOMA (0495)

    "A brilliant take on premier living in San Francisco, as envisioned by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica. Warm, modern interiors framed by expansive windows with majestic vistas of the City and the Bay. One-, two-, and three-bedroom condominium resi…

  • SF SOMA Blacksmith Shop (0493)

    "Edwin Klockars Blacksmithing", an historic two story building surrounded by new high-rise construction. See sign in adjacent picture.

  • SF SOMA Blacksmith Shop (0492)

    Klockars Blacksmith Shop plaque describing the historic role of blacksmiths and similar crafts that were once located in this area of South of Market. (see adjacent picture)

  • SF SOMA (0491)

    An illustration of just the sheer of new construction South of Market in SF, this is just one block down the hill from Rincon Hill (see those pictures).

  • SF Rincon Hill Sailors Union (0490)

    The location of the Sailors Union of the Pacific building is quite incongruous at this time. All of the merchant ship activity left the San Francisco side of the harbor decades ago and moved to Oakland, and the area of the building is no longer an area…

  • SF Rincon Hill Sailors Union (0488)

    Entrance to the Sailors Union of the Pacific building

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