• 158701 pauses at Dingwall station

    158701 waits at Dingwall with 2H82, the 10:34(SuO) Kyle - Inverness. The unusual spire on the left belongs to Dingwall Free Church, built in 1869/1870 - the same time as the Kyle branch opened to Stromeferry.

  • 158701 departs Dingwall on a Sunday

    158701 at Dingwall with 2H82, the 10:34(SuO) Kyle - Inverness. Sunday services are a relatively new occurrence on the Kyle line. Although occasional excursions had been run on the Sabbath, the first scheduled Sunday passenger service did not leave Inverne…

  • 158702 waits time at Dingwall

    Still carrying its "BBC Scotland - 75 years" nameplates, 158702 calls at Dingwall with 1H87, the 15:23 Aberdeen - Kyle. At the time, this service had the distinction of being the "parliamentary" for Rose Street curve in Inverness, i.e. the only service tr…

  • 158703 arrives at Dingwall

    Running below Ferry Road(Bridge 46), 158703 pulls into Dingwall station with 2H82, the 12:08 Kyle - Inverness. On the left is the former Strathpeffer Branch waiting room, which has lasted nearly seventy years longer than the line it served until closure o…

  • 158703 at Dingwall - 2017_a

    158703 calls at Dingwall with 2H84, the 13:46 Kyle - Inverness. Nearly all the 158s have now received Scotrail's "Saltire" livery, which has smartened them up considerably. 158703 emerged from Springburn, looking very fresh, on 10th Feb 2017.

  • 158703 at Dingwall - 2017_b

    Having worked from Kyle with 2H84, the 13:46 to Inverness, 158703 pauses in the summer sunshine at Dingwall.

  • 158703 at Dingwall - 2017_c

    158703 departs Dingwall, bound for Inverness with 2H84, the 13:46 from Kyle.

  • 158703 arrives at Dingwall

    Viewed from the station footbridge, 158703 arrives at Dingwall with 2H73, the 14:50 Inverness - Invergordon. The small groundframe still sees a bit of use, mostly by P-way machinery, but the occasional failure gets put in there.

  • 158704 at Dingwall

    After arriving at Dingwall as the rear half of 2H65, the 17:54 Inverness - Wick/Kyle. 158705 has already departed for Wick, leaving 158704 to form 2H87, the 18:30 Dingwall - Kyle. This splitting manoeuvre ceased with the introduction of the new timetable…

  • 158704 pauses at Dingwall

    A quiet scene at Dingwall as 158704 pauses with 2H85, the 13:35 Inverness - Kyle.

  • 158705 departs Dingwall

    Nearing journey's end, 158705 departs Dingwall with 2H62, the 12:36 Wick - Inverness.

  • 158706 reverses at Dingwall

    158706 in Platform 1 at Dingwall after arrival with 2H71, the 12:19 from Inverness. The same set will now form 2H70, the 12:54 back to Inverness - reversing and departing from the same platform. The renovations to the Up platform can clearly be seen, if n…

  • 158706 at Dingwall

    158706, terminated in Platform 1 at Dingwall, after arrival with 2H71, the 11:42 from Inverness.

  • 158706 waits to leave Dingwall

    After arriving with 2H71, 158706 awaits departure with 2H70, the 12:45 back to Inverness. These local trains arrive and depart from Platform 1, avoiding the need for any shunting.

  • 158707 at Dingwall

    158707 "Far North Line 125th Anniversary" at Dingwall with 2H80, the 07:25 Kyle - Inverness.

  • 158707 departs Dingwall

    158707 "Far North Line 125th Anniversary" departs Dingwall with 2H80, the 07:25 Kyle - Inverness. Both platforms at Dingwall had lengthy, unused portions which, although not in regular use, came into their own for charter trains etc. Vast amounts are cur…

  • 158707 powers away from Dingwall

    158707 'Far North Line 125th Anniversary' passes under Ferry Road as it leaves Dingwall with 2H83, the 10:52 Inverness - Kyle. The grassy patch to the right was the end of the old bay platform, used for many of the Kyle trains.

  • 158709 waits at Dingwall

    Still in NatEx livery, 158709 sits quietly at Dingwall with 2H69, the 09:15 Inverness - Invergordon. So it wasn't First Group who discovered that gaffer tape would hold a 158 together !!

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