Posted on 08/19/2008

Photo taken on August 19, 2008

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Burning Angels

Burning Angels
An angel was tired of heaven, as he lounged in the golden street;
His halo was tilted sideways, and his harp lay mute at his feet;
So the Master stooped in His pity, and gave him a pass to go,
For the space of a moon, to the earth-world, to mix with the men below.

He doffed his celestial garments, scarce waiting to lay them straight;
He bade good by to Peter, who stood by the golden gate;
The sexless singers of heaven chanted a fond farewell,
And the imps looked up as they pattered on the red-hot flags of hell.

Never was seen such an angel -- eyes of heavenly blue,
Features that shamed Apollo, hair of a golden hue;
The women simply adored him; his lips were like Cupid's bow;
But he never ventured to use them -- and so they voted him slow.

Till at last there came One Woman, a marvel of loveliness,
And she whispered to him: "Do you love me?" And he answered that woman, "Yes."
And she said: "Put your arms around me, and kiss me, and hold me -- so --"
But fiercely he drew back, saying: "This thing is wrong, and I know."

Then sweetly she mocked his scruples, and softly she him beguiled:
"You, who are verily man among men, speak with the tongue of a child.
We have outlived the old standards; we have burst, like an over-tight thong,
The ancient, outworn, Puritanic traditions of Right and Wrong."

Then the Master feared for His angel, and called him again to His side,
For oh, the woman was wondrous, and oh, the angel was tried!
And deep in his hell sang the Devil, and this was the strain of his song:
"The ancient, outworn, Puritanic traditions of Right and Wrong."

The Woman and the Angel
- Robert W. Service

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mo |
mo |
i love to listen ...
10 years ago.
"les ailes du désir" superbe story....
this world is sensuality...for all thing and all evenement..sensuality always..not for angel but only for man and wooman with blood and heat...
some time man or wooman are tide and desire go out in the angel's dream too...but not for them.. sure !!
10 years ago.
Shi* has replied to feelin
Yes, I use the poem as it is intended ... to laugh at the stupidity of denial, the fucked-up values of God, the Devil and the Angel in this poem. This world is indeed sensual. Here-and-now sensual, not tomorrow-maybe sensual.

I have no desire to be an Angel ... a painless and anodyne existence. I prefer the older wing-ed beings ... Ishtar, valkyries, the fée, and so many more delightful facets of psyche ... Lilith ... Camilla ... the night riders of our dreams. That live inside, blueprints for projection in the other, the mysterious, desired other ... strange scenes inside the goldmine.
10 years ago.
Anne Seltmann
Anne Seltmann
a beautiful text of your image well entertained
10 years ago.
ElectronLibre     ......    (°!°)...
ElectronLibre ..…
Bonjour Shi*, je suis un administrateur du groupe Hot fires ! Chauds les marrons.... Nous serions heureux que vous ajoutiez ce document dans notre groupe. Merci !
10 years ago.
Shi* has replied to ElectronLibre ..…
done ...
10 years ago.