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  • I will be safe under this old bridge, along this frozen creek.

  • I'm totally ready, here I am!, I hope I'm not too late.

  • The thing reaches out its stubby red arms, to hug onto your face forever. It wants to be your lamprey.

  • A large door but does it open?, does it slide L-&-R on tracks.

  • A comb-over, over a blue slight-puffiness of a building.

  • Imagine that it's warm out, & that that thing is made of a hardened jelly instead of ice. A very interesting icicle!

  • You will buy: $7.99 24-packs of Pepsi; $1.11 20-oz bottles of Pepsi; $4.17 packs of Sonoma smokes; $3.73 packs of Pyramid smokes; $2.25 cans of Red Man snuff; $1.69 cans of Longhorn snuff; Ohio Lottery Tickets; and $5.57 packs of Marlboro smokes.

  • This one's called "At Farmland's Edge."

  • Signage method; kind of sign.

  • The heart is dolled-up in flowers, and it manages to keep a flaming flowerpot balanced between its ventricles — even as a dull blade punctures it all the way through: These are my body fantasies!

  • 50 wet McNuggets and old sausage patties and dirty scrambled eggs, strewn among the undergrowth of a snowy hillside in dreary southeastern Ohio, 3 days pre-xmas.

  • A small glimpse into the infrastructure-maintenance lifestyle of the paintball lifestyle.

  • Gusts of cold wind are scattering dead leaves across a sidewalk, and somewhere nearby a pulley is incessantly clanging against a flagpole, and I wish I could get into that fallout shelter!

  • From people rubbing up against it w/ their skin oils.

  • Take me, Lady Luck, behind the pleated shades of your five different sizes of window.

  • Strawbales and pepsis are yet lit-up in electric, as a sunrise struggles to ascend behind gloomy December overcast.

  • Is it the action of ostentatious display!, that imparts holiness into the light-up blowmolds. Are the plastic figures less-holy when they're in storage — when they're baking in dusty boxes out in the garage during the hot summer, say.

  • Every heart in town is enlarged and warm with gladness at the news of our raiders' recent pillagings.