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  • Flybe BX

    Flybe Embraer EMB145 G-EMBX at Frankfurt. We'd arrived on this the previous day from Manchester. The airborne equivalent of a Class 142 DMU. Sun17Aug08

  • FlyBEG

    Flybe Embraer EMB195 G-FBEG is about to touch down at Geneva. Sun29Mar09

  • Embraer rear

    A rear end view of Embraer EMB145 G-EMBM of Flybe, seen at Frankfurt. Mon18Aug08

  • Flybe Embraer

    Embraer EMB175-200 G-FBJI of Flybe , at Manchester. Sat16Feb13

  • Flybe ED

    Flybe Embraer EMB195-200 G-FBED touches down at Manchester. Tue9Apr13

  • Dead in tow

    DHC Dash8-400 G-JECN of Flybe is dragged around the apron at Manchester. Tue23Apr13

  • Flybe OF

    Flybe DHC Dash8-400 G-ECOF taxies out for take off at Manchester. Tue23Apr13

  • Flybe G-FBJA

    Embraer EMB175-200 G-FBJA of Flybe, at Manchester. Tue23Apr13

  • FlyBEE

    Flybe Embraer EMB195-200 G-FBEE at Manchester. Tue23Apr13

  • FlyBA

    Flybe DHC Dash8-400 G-FLBA prepares for take off at Manchester. Tue23Apr13

  • Flybe CR

    Flybe DHC Dash8-400 G-JECR at Manchester. Mon6May13

  • Flybe JB

    Flybe Embraer EMB175-200 G-FBJB at Manchester. Mon6May13

  • The long and the short

    Monarch Airlines Boeing B757-200 G-MONK taxies out whilst Flybe DHC Dash8-400 G-JECR heads for the stand at Manchester. Mon6May13

  • FlyBEL

    Flybe Embraer EMB195-200 G-FBEL at Manchester. Mon6May13

  • Flybe OB

    DHC Dash8-400 G-ECOB of Flybe at Manchester. Mon6May13

  • Flybe DP

    'Low cost but not at any cost' colour scheme. Flybe DHC Dash8-400 G-JEDP at Manchester. Tue7May13

  • Flybe OD

    Flybe DHC Dash8-400 G-ECOD at Manchester. Tue7May13

  • Flybe CE

    Flybe DHC Dash8-400 G-JECE at Manchester. Tue7May13

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