• Oops!

    A slightly battered 'Ocean Harvester' at Whitehaven. Wed18Feb09

  • Whitehaven Harbour

    On a dull and cloudy day. Wed18Feb09

  • River fishermen

    And part of a fence. HFF! Near Korat. Wed26Sep07

  • Stores

    HTMS Similan, a fleet auxiliary vessel, moored at the Thai Naval Base at Sattahip. Fri24Nov06

  • Royal Thai Navy

    Aircraft Carrier HTMS Chakri Naruebet at the Thai Naval Base at Sattahip, a place from which it rarely strays, due to lack of funding. Is used more often to transport the Thai Royal Family, which probably makes it the worlds most expensive Roy…

  • HTMS Chakri Naruebet

    The only such vessel in South East Asia. Large enough when standing alongside, but it has the distinction of being the worlds smallest aircraft carrier, at 11500 tons. Complete with shipboard fence.. HFF! Fri24Nov06

  • Thai Navy Frigate

    HTMS Phuttha Loetla Naphalai at Sattahip. One of two frigates in the Thai Navy, and is formerly the USS Ouellet of the US Navy. Fri24Nov06

  • Dockside

    HTMS Phuttha Loetla Naphalai at Sattahip. Superstructure and nameplate detail. Fitted with fence.. HFF to one and all! Fri24Nov06

  • Welcome aboard!

    HTMS Phuttha Loetla Naphalai. An open day was being held at the Thai Naval Base at Sattahip, with the majority of visitors being school parties. Not being a Thai National I was not allowed on board. Fri24Nov06

  • Coast Guard

    Further round the bay from the Naval Base is the Thai Coast Guard Station. Sattahip. Fri24Nov06

  • Beach near Sattahip

    Nice place to chill out for a while, if chill out is the correct phrase, considering the temperatures in the high 90s. Fri24Nov06

  • Ravenglass 09301

    Estuary of the River Mite. Black Combe in background. Sat30May09

  • Long tailed boat

    Chaweng Beach. Koh Samui. This spent most of the afternoon cruising up and down the beach with a loudspeaker on maximum volume promoting a Thai boxing match for that evening in the town of Chaweng. After a couple of hours myself, and a few others, would q…

  • Setting sail

    Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, with a Chinese junk setting sail. Sat28May05

  • Ferry across the water

    We're at the Eastern Seaboard town of Si Racha, about 2 hours drive south of Bangkok, sat on a ferry of the same design as this one, awaiting departure to the island of Ko Si Chang. The pagoda like structure is part of the temple o…

  • Ferry from Si Racha to Ko Si Chang

    Ko/Koh = island. Waiting for departure time. Leaving every hour, the trip takes about 45 minutes for a price of 30 Baht, about 60p. Thu29Oct09

  • Under way

    Ferry from Si Racha to Ko Si Chang. Covered seating is available in the downstairs part of these ferries, but most passengers elected to sit upstairs. Thu29Oct09

  • Pilot Boat

    En route Si Racha to Ko Si Chang. Soon after departure from Si Racha we were overtaken by this Pilot Boat. Thu29Oct09

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