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Beneath These Clouds


23 Jan 2023 9 5 128
The new addition to our fur family....he is so full of energy and love

Forever In My Heart

28 Dec 2022 8 4 114
Sadly, our Bob died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 26, 2022. I was his human and he created rituals he loved to do with me every day. Miss him so very much, and it all seems so unreal. One minute he was happily playing, went for a nap, and 20 minutes later he was gone.

Silver Princess

The Perfect Cafe

09 Aug 2022 8 3 123
This sweet Tit was smarter than the other birds at the feeding station. It worked out it was much better to grab a snack and take it to a branch on a small tree in our garden, surrounded by branches and leaves so no-one tried to steal the food.....then fly back for another snack and do the same again.

Mine Is Bigger!!

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