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1942 Chrysler New Yorker

1942 Chrysler New Yorker

Martin van Duijn has particularly liked this photo

Martin van Duijn
Martin van Duijn
I wonder if the bright trim was added later? During the 1942 model year, at some point cars came with black or grey trim. No matter what, i love 1940s cars, and 1940s coupes in particular.
3 years ago.
1971 Dodge Charger R/T Freak
1971 Dodge Charger R…
Chrysler's 1942 model year cars built in the latter half of 1941 had the bright trim. The ones made in January of 1942 had painted trim.
The last civilian Chrysler was made January 29, 1942. All production went to the war effort after that (tanks, tank engines, aircraft engines, trucks, ammunition, cannons, aircraft parts, you name it, they probably made it).
Late in 1945 they were allowed to resume production of civilian autos for the 1946 model year, then all divisions of Chrysler (Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, and DeSoto) kept their respective styling for three model years ('46, '47, and '48).
I believe the few U.S. autos made after January 1st 1942 and up to February 9th 1942 when all civilian auto production was halted, regardless of their make, were all "Blackout Specials" with painted trim meant to conserve metals needed for the war effort (chromium, copper, zinc, aluminum).
Probably more info than you wanted, but don't get me started talking about cars. I'll never stop. LOL : ]
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
Martin van Duijn
Martin van Duijn
Not at all, that's why I was looking around on Ipernity. But interaction was so low here compared to Flickr, that I even closed down a group here. This information is much appreciated.
3 years ago.
1971 Dodge Charger R… has replied to Martin van Duijn
I agree Flickr was a great photo and info sharing site, but their new format makes the surfing and searching so slow and locked up my computer so often that I found it intolerable.
I dumped my Flickr account so now I'm sorting thousands of pics in my hard drive and posting the best on ipernity.
Ipernity can seem desolate sometimes, but I hope it can grow to be similar to what Flickr used to be. : ]
3 years ago.