• Pedraza Castle, Segovia Province

    My first visit to Pedraza in 2012. es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedraza_(Segovia)

  • Pedraza, Segovia Province.

    Pedraza Castle and Harley Davidson owners gathering. Best on 'z' es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedraza_(Segovia)

  • Oh, the thoughts we think! Sepulveda, Segovia province

    La Puerta de La Fuerza.

  • Hoces del Duraton, Monasterio de La Hoz.

    Segovia province, September 2013

  • Old door, Ayllon, Segovia Province

  • Red door. Canicosa, Segovia Province

  • Old stone house. Canicosa, Segovia Province

  • Pedraza, Segovia province. Old window


  • Old door in Sepulveda, Segovia Province

    Maybe not 'old, old' but I liked it!

  • Sad sunflowers, after much heavy rain and more to come.

    Sunflowers in a field near Sebulcor, Segovia Province.

  • Hoces del Duraton, Ermita de San Frutos.

    Spectacular country in Segovia Province, Spain.

  • Please get me out of here! I promise I won't bite!!

    Pedraza door knocker This reminds me of Carmen T (from Zaragoza) and her great knockers, on Pano. I wonder where she is now? Probably Flickr but does anyone know? NEWSFLASH! Well, I am delighted that Carmen is here again!! I dedicate this to her of course…

  • Window, night shot.

    Maderuelo, Segovia Province.

  • Pedraza

    Pedraza is touristy, yes. But it has been well maintained with thought (and, crucially, money) behind its preservation and it is a delight.

  • Ayllon, Segovia Province.

    I liked the idea of the allotment by the side of this fine old church! (Parroquia de Santa Maria la Mayor). Sadly, the storks had flown back to Africa a couple of weeks previously!

  • No. 7. Was that a (circular) catflap at one time?

    Night time doorway in Maderuela, Segovia Province.

  • Ayllon, Segovia Province. Plaza Mayor.

    I really liked this town. Lots of interesting back streets and curious corners, nooks and crannies. It was September 19, but look at the temperature (in red on the left); I guess this would be approx 95F!

  • Ayllon, Segovia Province

    A pleasing back lane. Everything was just right on the day! Even the high temperature (35c) was tempered by a cooling breeze! This town is not too big and not too small, perfect for a gentle stroll after a good lunch. The light was perfect, my good mood a…

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