Pedraza Castle, Segovia Province

Segovia Province

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Pedraza Castle, Segovia Province

15 Oct 2012 35 51 676
My first visit to Pedraza in 2012.

Pedraza, Segovia Province.

18 Apr 2014 29 45 642
Pedraza Castle and Harley Davidson owners gathering. Best on 'z'

Oh, the thoughts we think! Sepulveda, Segovia prov…

17 Sep 2013 39 55 797
La Puerta de La Fuerza.

Hoces del Duraton, Monasterio de La Hoz.

18 Sep 2013 73 92 1284
Segovia province, September 2013

Old door, Ayllon, Segovia Province

Red door. Canicosa, Segovia Province

Old stone house. Canicosa, Segovia Province

Pedraza, Segovia province. Old window

05 Oct 2012 30 42 745

Old door in Sepulveda, Segovia Province

18 Sep 2013 20 22 696
Maybe not 'old, old' but I liked it!

Sad sunflowers, after much heavy rain and more to…

16 Sep 2013 22 29 512
Sunflowers in a field near Sebulcor, Segovia Province.

Hoces del Duraton, Ermita de San Frutos.

21 Sep 2013 52 77 756
Spectacular country in Segovia Province, Spain.

Please get me out of here! I promise I won't bite!…

23 Apr 2014 18 25 485
Pedraza door knocker This reminds me of Carmen T (from Zaragoza) and her great knockers, on Pano. I wonder where she is now? Probably Flickr but does anyone know? NEWSFLASH! Well, I am delighted that Carmen is here again!! I dedicate this to her of course!

Window, night shot.

14 Sep 2013 23 22 639
Maderuelo, Segovia Province.


14 Apr 2014 36 32 534
Pedraza is touristy, yes. But it has been well maintained with thought (and, crucially, money) behind its preservation and it is a delight.

Ayllon, Segovia Province.

14 Sep 2013 20 20 666
I liked the idea of the allotment by the side of this fine old church! (Parroquia de Santa Maria la Mayor). Sadly, the storks had flown back to Africa a couple of weeks previously!

No. 7. Was that a (circular) catflap at one time…

16 Sep 2013 15 22 634
Night time doorway in Maderuela, Segovia Province.

Ayllon, Segovia Province. Plaza Mayor.

19 Sep 2013 37 36 643
I really liked this town. Lots of interesting back streets and curious corners, nooks and crannies. It was September 19, but look at the temperature (in red on the left); I guess this would be approx 95F!

Ayllon, Segovia Province

19 Sep 2013 24 24 728
A pleasing back lane. Everything was just right on the day! Even the high temperature (35c) was tempered by a cooling breeze! This town is not too big and not too small, perfect for a gentle stroll after a good lunch. The light was perfect, my good mood amazingly co-incided with that of my girlfriend's ... and all was right with the world!

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