Mar de Cristal Metro Station, Madrid

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Mar de Cristal Metro Station, Madrid

05 Mar 2012 33 51 658
Typical of the Madrid metro designs in its great expansive phase from about 1995 to the onset of the recession and, deliberately over-edited by me, this represents a positive, thrusting, energetic attitude that faltered somewhat when the recession struck. However the legacy has left a metro network that, in large parts. exudes a dynamic upbeat feel that is very seductive. It still needs to be paid for, however!

Basset Cove, Cornwall

04 Aug 2012 50 61 905
Rock hopping here at low tide is not really an option - with all this seaweed about!

High above the cloud / fog. Las Agujas de El Canch…

10 Dec 2011 28 43 692
Granite and fog. La Sierra de La Cabrera. Climbing through the fog, not knowing if the peaks would poke out from under, was interesting. Much better was when I eventually did break through! Later that day I watched the weather news and it seems that the sea of fog stretched over the whole of the central Iberian Peninsula; an unusual phenomenum!.

Granite. Torre de Valdemanco, Sierra de La Cabrera

20 May 2017 43 66 750
Amazingly, my first walk in the Sierra de La Cabrera since December 2015! And it hasn't changed a bit!

Shortlands Station from the road below. On Z pleas…

20 Nov 2016 37 46 583
Shortlands Station. South East London. I visited my brother briefly last year and took this after exiting (amazingly steadily) from the Shortlands Pub.

Twins. Cistus, or jara, Sierra de La Cabrera

25 May 2013 52 60 851
Covering the hillsides in late April and May. Central and southern Spain and Portugal.

Poppies. Algete, Spain, May 2016.

04 May 2016 93 117 1175
Madrid Province. Very close to the capital! On the horizon, La Sierra de La Cabrera.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

10 Apr 2017 74 112 1389
The Palace-monastery from the Herreria Woods, Abantos behind. The Capital of Much of the Known World, circa 1590.

HFF everybody, and maybe one we didn't expect to s…

26 May 2012 64 85 1014
One of the happiest HFF shots I can remember posting for a few months! Now all we need to do is make it work!! Wild flowers near Valdemanco, Madrid, on the approach to La Sierra de La Cabrera.

HFF! (yes it's there on the left).

21 May 2014 59 97 899
Some of you may remember, from Panoramio, this piece of land belonging to my girlfriend. She is still trying to sell it, if anyone is interested! In the foreground; Spanish lavender.

HFF!!! Cuatro Torres and sculpture, Chamartin rail…

12 Apr 2014 41 68 1003
The sculpture: "A LA DIVERSIDAD HUMANA" Sculpture by Josep Capella and Clara Capo. I have Steve Drury to thank for finding the title from my Pano gallery when I thought Google had erased all notes and comments! Please give as generously as you can:

Wild lupin, La Sierra de La Cabrera

25 May 2013 59 68 952
Spring revisited no 7. H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

Wild tulip, Sierra de La Cabrera, Madrid

11 Jun 2013 25 47 448
They only open this fully on the hottest of days and when the sun is at its highest; an hour or two at most. And because Spain adheres to Central European time, this means between 3 and 5 pm! They really are quite small; miniature wild tulips!

View from my (very occasional) bedroom window, ear…

12 Aug 2014 34 52 785
Dawn, August 2014. St Day, Cornwall. Well, it's still my bedroom window even if I haven't spent more than 10 nights here in the past 5 years! The building in front is the annexe to my parents house. It comprises a good sized ground floor kitchen and on the upper floor bedrooms and a bathroom. This annexe used to be a temporary bedding down place for tin miners who had worked a late shift; the property being in the possession of a tin mine captain. Poldice Valley seen in the distance and with a chimney just visible, was a world centre of arsenic mining and production. Even today, 150 years later , nothing grows there and certainly no houses can be be built on the poisoned land. The life expectancy of the miners was horrendous! Not all Cornwall is romantic!!!

Rose garden, Retiro, Madrid

09 Jun 2016 44 79 783
Rosa Daniel Gelin. I discovered, some time after posting this, that Daniel Gelin was a well-known French actor who died in the early 90s.

H. A. N. W. E. everyone! Spring re-visited no 1. L…

28 May 2011 54 63 810
Please enlarge to see the granite detail. It's not perfect but this is definitely a favourite of mine. Photo from 2011.

Spring won't be long in coming! PLEASE STAY, DON'T…

15 May 2016 39 51 484
Algete, Madrid province, wildflowers. Mallow and goosefoot to the fore!

Truro, Cornwall. I thought downtown Truro deserved…

06 Aug 2015 64 93 799
H. A. N. W. E. everyone! The spire of Truro Cathedral can be seen. Victoria Square; normally a busy town centre but, as I was waiting for the bus to take me back to my car at the park and ride, I suddenly noticed that a providential traffic lights arrangement had made the traffic vanish, so I whipped out my ... mobile phone!

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