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15 Nov 2022 48 50 171
Marketplace clocktower, St Day, Cornwall Sight and Sound sometimes only a Chopin masterpiece will do!

The cranes fly off to Africa (recognised as the fi…

13 Nov 2022 41 36 147
My sister's take in Algete, Spain. A pleasant shot and perhaps even more so on full screen. Sight and Sound, just because I happened to find it and these are two artists I love;

HANWE, everyone!

11 Nov 2022 29 20 150
Another St Day Market Square clocktower night-time view. Lit up in preparation for Remembrance Sunday.


09 Nov 2022 66 59 223
A late blooming passion flower and all the more welcome for that! My mum's garden, Saint Day, Cornwall.

Telegraph Street, Saint Day - after the rain. (Spo…

08 Nov 2022 40 29 180
Time seems to have passed by St Day! This street is fairly typical of the village centre. It's a bit like a blast from the past! Perhaps better on full screen. Sight and sound. Just love this early funk song by an underrated genius in Donny Hathaway.

Another 'accident'!

06 Nov 2022 21 23 117
Not sure how this appeared but I quite like it. Probably a finger or thumb there!

Market Square clocktower, Saint Day, Cornwall.

06 Nov 2022 40 30 198
There are a few such alleyways here; some have a mysterious, almost spooky, air about them.

HANWE, everyone!

04 Nov 2022 48 30 209
Another evening coastal shot. Quite calm and peaceful despite looming clouds and a few sharp showers. North Cliffs, Cornwall and the South West Peninsula Coast Path. Perhaps marginally improved on large.

Fuchsias love this wet, cool and dank weather we'r…

03 Nov 2022 48 50 209
Another corner of my mum's garden. Fuchsias flower all year round here, they love all that moisture! Sight and sound Because Amy Winehouse was one of the greatest blues voices of all time, on a par with Janis Joplin, Bessie Smith, etc.

Cornish coast, Red Head Cove. High tide.

09 Aug 2018 52 35 215
North Cliffs, Cornwall. And, yes; there is a (faint) path down! Perhaps better on large for the detail in the cliff face.

The last rose

01 Nov 2022 49 35 208
My sister sent me this shot today from Spain..

Greenbank Cove, Cornwall - low tide.

01 Sep 2011 46 29 221
From the archives and maybe shown before. But I can't get out to take fresh photos and anyway the weather is atrocious so here is one I baked earlier!

St Day old parish church ruins.

29 Oct 2022 34 26 182
HANWE everyone! Built in inferior stone and on the cheap in the 1820s, this church soon started listing (possibly due to being built on ancient, uncharted tin mine shafts - St Day isn't known locally as 'Sinking City' for nothing!) and by the 1950s was unusable after the roof fell in. No money was available to shore it up and re-roof it so a more modest church was built nearby. Nonetheless it's still a local landmark and the spire is visible for miles around.


13 Oct 2022 63 38 269
Basset Cove and Crane Islands, Cornwall. (perhaps a smidjin better on large)

And another evening coastal shot

15 Oct 2022 46 30 208
St Agnes Head, evening light, Cornish coast.

Earth, sea and sky.

15 Oct 2022 35 33 212
From above St Agnes Head. I just felt the combination worked well. (...and works quite well too on large). Above all, I just liked the colour and slight choppiness of the sea here!

HANWE everyone

14 Oct 2022 76 67 323
Went for a brief lungful of sea air in the hour I had available before returning to cook supper and It was fortunate that I co-incided with this colourscape! North Cliffs, Cornwall.

Another evening light shot on the Cornish coast.

13 Oct 2022 62 45 239
Basset Cove, Crane Islands and North Cliffs, Cornwall. (Godrevy Island and lighthouse can just be seen).

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