La Cabrera foggy day. December 2011

Central Spain

HFF! Water Tower photo exhibition.

01 Oct 2020 58 81 253
The Madrid water company Canal de Isabel II turned this old water depository into an exhibition centre. Fine if you don't mind climbing many steps! This is the top level of 5. Better on black.

Algete parish church. Iglesia Nuestra Senora de la…

23 Mar 2021 39 37 231
There's a stork's nest up top but sadly no storks this year. This is a Spanish village; therefore wires abound!

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Work in progress.

22 Mar 2021 42 40 207
I last took a shot here 6 months ago (I've moved out of the area). I thought there would have been more progress but it seems not much really. Full screen best for this I think.

A Chinchón backstreet.

25 Apr 2016 50 46 186
Chinchón, a touristy little town 40 miles southeast of Madrid.

More splendid granite walking country.

19 Aug 2015 35 34 206
Ahead are the three highest peaks of La Sierra de La Cabrera, Cancho de La Bola in the centre, Cancho Gordo to its right and Cancho Largo further right still. Cancho Largo is taller than Cancho Gordo by only 2 metres at 1.564 m (5,131 ft).

"Just checking, dear; thought I heard something in…

19 Jun 2016 57 97 256
HFF, Everyone! Madrid. Parque de El Capricho. Palacio de Los Duques de Osuna.

Sierra de La Cabrera granite

19 Aug 2015 38 34 201
Looking north across the Lozoya Valley

Príncipe Pío Station, Madrid

08 Feb 2020 36 27 225
Mainline train above and metro train below.

Old door

05 Mar 2016 32 36 191
Pastrana, Guadalajara Province. From 5 years ago and I remember it was my first trip out of Madrid after starting chemotherapy. I recall a bitterly cold day but we had a nice lunch and saw a few interesting places including this old town (I have posted some nice terracotta tile roofscape shots from here, one fairly recently). I hadn't posted it before as it is slightly unfocused (I think I can be forgiven in the circs!), but I now think it is quite in keeping with the historic feel.

Another view from the back of the house

12 Mar 2021 38 42 224
Valderrey, Algete, Madrid Province. The Sierra de Guadarrama is on the horizon.

HFF Everyone!

18 Feb 2021 44 74 247
A local park, filled with ornamental (ie old and gnarled) olive trees.

Yet another granite one!

30 Jun 2012 31 33 200
La Sierra de La Cabrera

Even more granite! High on the ridge.

15 Jun 2012 42 39 245
La Sierra de La Cabrera. All oldies from me for a few days at least while I take it easy after an operation for a detached retina. All OK, I just can't spend long in front of a screen for a bit!

Sierra de La Cabrera.

30 Sep 2012 43 49 226
From Cancho Gordo near the top.

La Sierra de La Cabrera and monastery

15 May 2011 31 39 208
Convento Monasterio de San Julian Y San Antonio below the granite crags of the Sierra de La Cabrera.

Even more granite! H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

10 Mar 2012 33 34 195
La Sierra de La Cabrera.

Almond blossom in the garden. HFF, everyone!

27 Feb 2021 52 78 278
A sunny day before the Calima struck again (another dust / sand cloud from the Sahara), rendering photo opps a zero these past few days and expected to last a few more days. I gather France has got it too.

La Sierra de La Cabrera

29 May 2011 33 32 205
Granite again! (Perhaps on Z for the rocky detail) I wanted to post some local shots but today (and the past week) has been clouded by another calima dust / sand cloud from the Sahara. Miserable! So, another from my archives!

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