Hoyo de Manzanares at night

Night shots

Hoyo de Manzanares at night

Sunset, Cercedilla

29 Jun 2012 17 20 158
Above the town of Cercedilla, a romantic evening for me ... the first time my girlfriend and I 'stepped out'!

Doggy door knocker

12 Jul 2011 16 20 212
Pedraza, Segovia Province, night shot,

Fountain at night.

12 Nov 2012 7 7 133
Hoyo de Manzanares, Madrid Province

No. 4

07 Oct 2013 18 13 242
Old door in Maderuelo, Segovia Province. Night shot.

Saint Day marketplace clock tower at night

18 Jul 2012 12 10 177
The bells still chime merrily away, now digitally operated rather than by hand as in Victorian times.

San Jeronimo El Real

02 Dec 2012 17 20 235
One of the most famous churches in Madrid, situated between the Prado and the Retiro Park, it was built in the 15th century and has seen many a royal wedding. And no, It wasn't named after the famous Apache chief!

Ancient door.

12 Oct 2012 19 27 269
Pedraza, Segovia Province at night

No. 7. Was that a (circular) catflap at one time…

16 Sep 2013 14 20 291
Night time doorway in Maderuela, Segovia Province.

Wing edge and sunset, courtesy of Ryan Air

13 Sep 2012 32 37 436
Somewhere over the Bay of Biscay

Merry Christmas to all my ipernity friends and hav…

19 Dec 2017 57 77 527
The Christmas lights this year on Calle de Alcala, Madrid, Spain

15 (with catflap)

14 Sep 2013 28 33 484
Old door and window. Maderuelo, Segovia Province. Night shot.


05 Apr 2012 29 42 429
Not sure what went on here. I took some night shots. All seemingly normal. On looking at this a few days later it seemed rather eerie, if not spooky! I don't know what the vague impression of a double image is exactly or even if it's here at all. But there is enough of a suggestion of ... something ... to give me goose bumps ! Taken in Hortaleza, Madrid.

Enjoying supper! (But then, I was the chef!). From…

17 Mar 1977 12 22 352
My friends from the university mountaineering club at Casseg Fraith, Capel Curig, Snowdonia, Wales. 1977.

Spain won! Could be a bar anywhere in Spain!

01 Jul 2012 6 11 307
I have just watched Spain beat Italy 3:0 in a World Cup qualifier on TV tonight, Spain playing quite wonderful football. It reminded me of this night in 2012 in a bar near where I then lived, watching Spain beat Italy in the final of the European Championships. Spain had been on a long winning run as the best team in the world and the fans seemed rather nonchalant by then. I was more excited by the terrific football I had witnessed in 2012 than they were. 5 years later and with some exciting new players, maybe the interest is coming back! The chap in the Pique shirt was obviously a Catalan interloper! Today, he might be in danger of a lynching. (If unsure, please ask me privately!).

Madrid sunset

22 Sep 2013 22 27 446
Sunset from my old flat.

My niece's 30th birthday at a posh restaurant in M…

27 May 2017 10 18 218
I forget which restaurant this was but they did us proud. My niece does this amazing Uri Geller thing with cutlery!

Shortlands Station from the road below. On Z pleas…

20 Nov 2016 37 46 488
Shortlands Station. South East London. I visited my brother briefly last year and took this after exiting (amazingly steadily) from the Shortlands Pub.

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