Honeysuckle, Fishing Cove, Cornwall

Cornwall 2011 - 2015

Penberth Cove

08 Aug 2015 19 17 536
Penberth Cove, Cornwall. Lobster pot.

St Agnes Beacon, Heather and Gorse

08 Aug 2011 57 72 766
Another re-post, this time one more shot from 2011. View towards the expansive beach at Perranporth (in the far distance!). A fire in July 2017 sadly destroyed the vegetation on The Beacon. But it will recover in a few years.

Godrevy coast, Cornwall

14 Aug 2014 41 50 537
Mutton Cove below, is a famous seal beaching place. In the distance is St Ives Bay and the peninsula of West Penwith. Shot taken from Reskajeage. Best on z.

HFF everyone!! H.A.N.W.E. as well!! Pleased to hav…

19 Aug 2012 56 72 1004
Only the fence posts survive but it'll do for me! Gurnard's Head, Zennor, Cornwall. With montbretia. The South West Peninsula Coast Path.

Lizard Point, Cornwall. For Marie-france.

10 Aug 2011 37 60 490
Marie-france reminded me that the geology of Ouessant (Ushant in English), an island off the far west coast of Brittany, is the same as that of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. The geology of this area is very mixed. This shot is of Lizard Point. It may or may not have the same geology as Ouessant. Marie-france, does it look like this? If not, I'll try and get more photos next time I go there (possibly next month) from a different area geologically but still on The Lizard!. Although forgive me if I don't go to Coverack, they'll still be cleaning up after the flood! Best wishes, Andy

for Pam J, "because that's where my heart is"

04 Aug 2012 56 58 572
Porthcadjack, Cornwall.

A particularly Happy Fence Friday this week! Also…

02 Aug 2015 51 64 637
Garden, Saint Day. I make no excuses for posting another photo from my mother's garden. In any case, I haven't posted as many as some people seem to think and none for a few months!!

St Agnes' Head, Cornwall

30 Jul 2014 50 69 724
When I visit Cornwall, my first tradition is to leap down the grassy bank to the edge of St Agnes' Head, lightly skip across the granite rocks and plonk myself down in a favourite corner at the end of this peninsula, while-away a few hours contemplating the universe, quantum physics, why men need to wear ties, Jeremy Corbyn and the intricate design of manhole covers, ... Theresa May and why her first name is impossible to pronounce by my Spanish students, before gently sauntering back uphill having taken 2 or three photos. A pint or two of bitter and a packet of dry-roasted in the Victory Inn at Towans Cross and I am a pig in clover. In three weeks time time ... Please!

Neolithic Clifftop Tomb, Penberth Cove, Cornwall

08 Aug 2015 49 63 696
Must have been a Very Important Person indeed to merit such an impressive location for a tomb!

Penberth Cove, West Penwith, Cornwall

08 Aug 2015 35 54 920
Tucked away between Porthcurno and Lamorna.

Cornish coastal colours, St Agnes' Head,

24 Jul 2012 45 55 811
Granite, lichen and rock samphire

HFF everyone! A rare Cornish fence.

14 Aug 2014 63 101 1185
Reskajeage, above Fishing Cove. The coast sweeps past Hell's Mouth (partly hidden), North cliffs and St Agnes' Head and on to Perranporth and Newquay. Taken not all that far from the previous shot with the honeysuckle (although two years later). The reason why the post is perfectly presented and everything else is slightly bokeh-ish is because I forgot to switch off the flash (although Ben - Fratton Parker kindly explains that it is 'fill-in flash' and not a mistake!).

Honeysuckle, Fishing Cove, Cornwall

15 Aug 2012 98 113 1587
High above the beach by the side of the steep path. A lazy, hazy summer's afternoon. The cliffs seen here are called The Knavocks. No idea why.

Basset Cove, Cornwall

04 Aug 2012 50 61 937
Rock hopping here at low tide is not really an option - with all this seaweed about!

HFF, everyone! Happy horse browsing among the blac…

19 Aug 2012 47 65 743
The town of Saint Day is on the skyline. My parents live here. This is a tranquil scene. But in the middle decades of the nineteenth century, this would have been hell on earth. It was the mining capital of the world for tin, copper, and arsenic.

Between Porthcadjack and Basset Cove

04 Aug 2012 33 46 740
A horrible day, weatherwise but later it turned out absolutely gloriously. In England (and more specifically Cornwall) "you don't get climate, you get weather" This is part of a shoreline walk / scramble / rock hop I have done many times and enjoy immensely.

Wet again!

01 Aug 2012 20 28 619
Porthcadjack, Cornwall Half an hour after this shot was taken, you would never have known it had been like this. The sun finally came out on the first of August and the families returned to the beaches and all was right with the world!

Fishing Cove, Nudist beach, Reskajeage, Cornwall (…

14 Aug 2014 43 64 1665
This is an officially designated nudist beach. I like this beach for its many aesthetic qualities and pleasures! But I must add that I have never seen any nudists here! The way down is quite safe but not perhaps for the faint-hearted! And in some years, land slides and mud slips make the path treacherous until someone (on one occasion me and a local line fisherman) helps out by kicking in a new path where the old one had been swept away. (The things I do for aesthetics!) Seriously, anyone who knows this beach well will tell you that I am exaggerating. You see whole families down on the beach. Grandmothers pass me by on their zimmer frames as I gingerly creep down the cliff path, City types stroll past, nonchalantly placing a deal or booking a table at Nathan Outlaw's latest restaurant. etc etc No. I still haven't seen any nudists here! Sorry. I get carried away sometimes with the beauty of Cornish scenery!

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