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One village yard after long winter (and after it,…

Spring HFF from my village!

Spring panorama of my countryside

Blossom in my countryside

Spring in my countryside - 2

Spring in my countryside

11 May 2022 29 16 89
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My beuatiful contryside

Oranje na starinski način.

Respite of the plowman

From the life a farmer

04 May 2022 28 19 111
A few days ago hiking the road seen in the main picture looking up at my village, I saw a plowman plowing the land in the old-fashioned way. I knew it was my family godfather Slavko plowing his country. I hurried to perpetuate this difficult life of the peasants.There was no other way but to reach the uphill and dense forest before the plowing was over.When I broke out of the woods, breathlessly I made the first picture.That is why it is more unclear than the others. Of course, my godfather was happy and stopped plowing. It was good for him and his horses to rest. Especially for the horses, he had to put a gear on his head because they went too fast for him and bit each other. (One would think that these are covid masks). We talked a little, had a drink, but then each of us had to move on.I hike, and the godfather continue to plow. Unfortunately, we are not aware that even today in the 21st century there are people who live hard. Of course, these are exceptions. The reason is the steep and inaccessible terrain for modern equipment, and the prices of the service would be inaccessible.

Livestock feeder

01 May 2022 46 31 127
HFF from village!

IMG 20220416 145410

IMG 20220416 141114

IMG 20220416 144301

My favorite bench

16 Apr 2022 34 24 137
HBM! (2 PiPs)

Sun in the woods

05 Apr 2022 40 19 143
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Hygrophorus marzuolus

05 Apr 2022 35 23 104
The March mushrooms is one of the first mushrooms to appear after a dull and cold winter. Some have said that it does not look nice and does not match the assessment that it is one of the better quality mushrooms. Maybe changes opinion.

Time of sowing works

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