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27 Aug 2015 35 13 383
Tribute to Mirko (above) and Tomo (right). RIP

Usual small talk en route

13 Mar 2019 43 21 607
It's on this road yesterday is thickness snow cover was as much as 25 cm!

Splitting firewood

17 Sep 2011 41 33 563
Human power!

Strike while the iron is hot

"Cheerful machine"

26 Feb 2014 23 14 368
"Cheerful machin" is a popular name for the brandy roasting boiler


21 Sep 2017 26 16 414
The gusle (Serbian Cyrillic: гусле) is a single-stringed musical instrument (and musical style) traditionally used in the Dinarides region of Southeastern Europe.Gusles played an important role in the history of Serbian epic poetry, as guslari - folk singers, singing events from national history for centuries, until these texts are finally recorded. The instrument is always accompanied by singing; musical folklore, specifically epic poetry. The gusle player holds the instrument vertically between his knees, with the left hand fingers on the strings. The strings are never pressed to the neck, giving a harmonic and unique sound. HFF and H.A.N.W. E.!

Portrait of artists in action

Danceress's in folk costumes

H.A.N.W.E. and the rest of the summer

18 Jul 2010 18 12 380
I'm running into this shade on 15 days!

Gather of hay

Portrait of the distrustful young musician


22 Jun 2013 18 9 314
Pilgrims on the way to the sanctuary of St. John the Baptist in Podmilačje, the largest non-marian Catholic sanctuary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which only sees on the feast of St.John the Baptist (23rd and 24th of June) visits tens of thousands of pilgrims and pilgrims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

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