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07 Nov 2010 47 25 1270

Iris germanica

Pure whiteness

Viola tricolor

Landscape in green!

Colorful autumn

The first day of the summer

Into the forest

Cetina river

14 Aug 2018 48 25 621
I'm here on holiday

On the field under Dinara mountain

17 Aug 2018 43 20 762
In the middle of field flow Cetina river

Mowing time

Spring of The Cetina river

Stone bridge on the Cetina river

13 Aug 2018 46 25 736
Stone bridge on the river Cetina is a complex of medieval megalithic standing stones which were originaly used as tombstones. A unique example of bridging the river, and it is located near many archeological localities.

The hymn of autumn

Mirno teče rijeka (The river flows stilly)

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