....hmmm Okay bear with me and my ramblings right now but it's just something I feel the need to write out.. Well first of all there is not much that I can with all honesty say I am an expert in...or well, that I know a lot about...I don't know jack about photography (like I needed to tell ya'll that ;-) ) and I don't know jack about the computer (STOP laughing Sascha! ;-P ) BUT acting...this subject I know do know jack about...a lot of jack :-)

Well tonight my son Seth and I went to see The Dark Knight...the latest batman movie...Seth of course had seen it already, the day it was released...and since that time...kept urging me to see it (well I wanted to anyway) but he was so so SO impressed with Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker...he just kept telling me "mom he just really does something here...beyond a normal good performance." And I of course had every reason to believe my son. Okay little background info: Seth and Sarah as well also know a lot of jack about acting and the theatre etc. Not only from me (being an actress/director)...but their late grandfather(a wonderful actor/director) founded a drama theatre here 30+ years ago...and their father is also an excellent actor and director...so they literally are that old theatre cliche born in a theatre trunk :-) they were exposed to it from birth :-D

SO finally tonight we went together to see it a little extended birthday celebrating with Seth was to go see this movie...

AND as my title says above...Seth was so right! My oh my...Heath Ledger's performance...is well what I would refer to as perfect gestalt...I know that is a german word for "form" or "shape" but here well at least in the artistic world(dancers, actors, writers, musicians) we use it as a term for a perfect wholeness...when each element or facet of something falls into perfect place at the perfect time...and weaves together to create a gestalt...this was his performance as the Joker...there are TONS and TONS of brilliant actors in the world...wonderful performances...it's so inspiring...to witness and be a part of...BUT then there are times when an actor does something (like Seth so accurately said) beyond a great performance...it doesn't happen everytime you see, with every character you play...and even with the best of actors it may not happen at all...I've been fortunate...I believe I've experienced this more than once...And honestly I don't know all of Heath Ledger's work...but what I have seen, he's always been very good...but this time he experienced that elusive gestalt with his performance...all the elements...himself as a person...his growth in his art...his deeper understanding of his art...his method...the writing...his intelligence...everything separate may not seem connected...but when placed together created the perfect whole.

So of course my verdict is yes despite all the hype surrounding the movie and his portrayal of the Joker and his tragic death...he most definitely deserves the oscar for this performance...because always...and I mean ALways I've thought an oscar winning performance should be one that NO other actor could possibly do(unfortunately this doesn't always occur)...that you the actor uniquely and soley possessed everything needed to flesh out this particular character...not meaning that other actors could not do the character well and even do a great job...but not do it the way it was "meant" to be...and it doesn't mean "best" actor...one better than the other...it's just sometimes as I've tried to say above...there are just times you reach a different level...maybe even beyond description...and he certainly did.

so of course I cried watching the Dark Knight...not for the usual reasons...but in sheer appreciation of Heath Ledger's brilliance...and sheer despair that he is no longer with us to perhaps share more wonders with us in the future...