It's raining! As dark and drear as it feels to have no sun, the fact that it's not snow is marvelous! Maybe spring really will arrive on Friday!

I bailed on quilt guild meeting on Thursday and quilt guild work day on Saturday. Just didn't feel up to pot lucks and show-and-tell. And on Sunday evening, old frimds from our grad school says at USC came by on their way to Washington DC. We watched the ice jam on the Maumee River break up, took them out to dinner, and then did a crossword puzzle. They left the next morning after we took them to breakfast --- being Californians, they weren't prepared for the snow, the cold and the wind (constant complaining!) but they may come back in summer since they are now so much closer for a year or two...

I didn't get a lot of stitching done later in the week but the outline for "Reloaded" in the Roll Your Own series is now about 2/3 complete (the fabric is NOT that yellow --- it's my camera):

I need to get working on the blackwork fill portion of parts 4 and 5 of the "Save the Stitches" sal. There is a TAST pair of stitches that arrived yesterday in my mailbox which I have yet to download, and band 6 for the Wiehenburg Mystery Band Sampler is up on Facebook. I have an idea for what I want to do for my April BJP and I need to set up the base block for my April Crazy Quilt Journal. So there are a lot of "to do" items on my docket for the coming week... Wonder how many I'll actually get done!