Not sure what, if any, themes there will this year for my blog but I still need to post so...

After finishing that challenge quilt for the guild, I went back to "Ladybug & Daisy", which included about 1/4 of the Daisy petals (upper right quadrant) being frogged before being restitched. So I am not as far along as I had hoped.

I cut the foundation materials for this years Crazy Quilt Journal Project, found BOTH sets of Sharon B's crazy quilt seam templates (yes, I had misplaced the first so reordered!), and collected my chosen fabrics. I also cut Lacey's Stiff Stuff (I've never used this before so I thought I'd try it) into ATC sized pieces (small enough to actually get things done on schedule?) for this years Bead Journal Project. Yes, I know, I was debating not doing either of these challenges this year but I couldn't just quit cold turkey, know what I mean?

Meanwhile, we sit here with somewhere between 10 and 15" of snow on the ground with drifts near waist high in places, air temp of -5*F, wind chill around -17*F, and under a Wind Chill Advisory as well as a Level Three Snow Emergency (which means you can be ticketed if you are found driving on the roads, which are pure sheet ice, unless you are emergency and/or essential services). Didn't make my doctor's appointment this AM (they were closed), won't be a stamping demo/Girls' Night Out tonight, MAY not be a quilt guild meeting Thursday... and I have two "stitchy" deliveries (one quilting fabric, the other charts and two linen bands to go with them from an Italian designer) that have been stalled on trucks in Maumee and Dayton, respectively, because they weren't allowed out on the road either! Heck, we didn't even get MAIL delivered Monday and that's a first (I guess there are limits to "Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night..." for the USPS these days, not to day I blame them!)! I'd say that's what I get for living in NW Ohio but this is the worst winter in 20 years, if not recorded history around here. Thank you, Polar Vortex... Guess I'll get back to stitching!